Project Canterbury

They That Sat in Darkness
An Account of Rescue Work in Japan in the Words of the Rev. Yoshimichi Sugiura

New York: Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, [1912]



Chapter I. We Depend Only on God's Power and Help.

Chapter II. The Origin of the L. R. U.

Chapter III. Some of My Present Difficulties.

Chapter IV. Mr. Numari's First Battle for His Faith.

Chapter V. Mr. Wada's Journey to Northeast.

Chapter VI. The Effect of My Work on the Hearts of Poor People.

Chapter VII. The Key to Open the Obstinate Hearts of the Poor Laborers.

Chapter VIII. Their Sad Histories Before They Came to Me.

Chapter IX. The Work for Children in Slums.

Chapter X. A Visit to a Slum.

Chapter XI. The Result of the Flood on My Work, beginning of the overflow.

Chapter XII. An Old and New Men in One Person.

Project Canterbury