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They That Sat in Darkness
An Account of Rescue Work in Japan in the Words of the Rev. Yoshimichi Sugiura

New York: Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, [1912]

Chapter IV. Mr. Numari's First Battle for His Faith.

It was not rare that our members were attacked and persecuted by the ignorant people when they tried to preach the Gospel at everywhere, and this is an instance of the cases:

It was in June, 1909, that Mr. Numari went into Sunamura, where gangs of villains are living. He was attacked by three of them. It was the best test for his faith, for he was very violent and fierce, and was easily waxed warm in rage before. But he did not resist their assault now and stood silently while they thrashed him, and then told them that, as a Christian, he will never get angry against such violences, but rather have pity on them, for he anticipate that awful punishment of God is coming upon them. Saying this he prostrated himself before them and prayed God to pardon them. By this astonishing conduct two of them were much moved, but the third, who was intoxicated with "sake," [20/21] was enraged even more fiercely, and gave heavy blows with club and began to drag him to throw him into a stream near by. But as he made no resistance at all the other two now turned to his side, and seeing his danger they treated him kindly and made him escape.

As he had received many wounds, he waited to recover for about ten days, and went again to the same place with more vigor than ever, and brought the enemy to repentance. When he told this story in our meeting, he exclaimed most emphatically: "Who can say among you that there is no God or it is impossible to see him? Such a saintly conduct was done without any will of my own, and it is even the astonishment of myself. Are you so blind and foolish that you cannot see this visible power of God, that lives so clearly within me? Take it out from me now, then I would be the great thief instantly as before who shall steal into your house this night."

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