Project Canterbury

They That Sat in Darkness
An Account of Rescue Work in Japan in the Words of the Rev. Yoshimichi Sugiura

New York: Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, [1912]

Members of the Union at the Beginning of Its Work

The Wounded Soldier is Waiting for His Second Campaign.

Mr. Wada as a Miner.

The Labourers in the Boarding House.

Mr. T. Tanabe. Mr. S. Yokota. Mr. Y. Jizenji.

The Man Born Again and His Family.

Tokyo in Flood Time.

The Feetless Officer of the Union and His Family with the Baby Born in the Flood.

Numari, the Ex-Criminal.

The Officers of the L.R.U. in Tokyo, 1910.

Top Row--Mr. K. Kimura, Mr. S. Nakamura.

Middle Row--Rev. Y. Sugiura, Mr. S. Aoyagi, Mr. K. Nishimura, Mr. T. Gonda, Mr. N. Yamada, Mr. C. Shimasaki. Bottom Row--Mr. R. Tsuda, Mr. N. Wada, Mr. H. Hatano, Mr. S. Yamaguchi, Mr. M. Numari.

Project Canterbury