Project Canterbury

They That Sat in Darkness
An Account of Rescue Work in Japan in the Words of the Rev. Yoshimichi Sugiura

New York: Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, [1912]

Chapter I. We Depend Only on God's Power and Help.

Tokyo, September 2, 1910.

Man plans his work first by raising the money necessary for it, and starts it on the scale according to the amount raised. But I took a different course, and started the work of the L. R. U. on the principle that where there is the spirit there is the way; and as to the funds for it, I never cared for that, entirely depending on the true commander's supply, thinking that the only duty on my part is to work, with earnest prayers, in union with the will of God. I therefore asked that He would send His faithful servants to help me, that His mighty power be revealed in my work through them. I am getting His answers [11/12] so plentifully that I have often burst into grateful tears, when I kneel down to thank God for them.

I have also taught my poor members of the Union that they should never rely upon human power for help, but fight themselves with the power which is within them. We are not yet given special house for meeting, but in the little house of a laborer, Mr. T. Gonda, the work is going on very nicely as from the beginning, to the astonishment of those who come to see it, hearing its reputation. The work, however, is not limited in this little house only, for all the members of the Union are preaching the Gospel daily according to the rule of the Union, whenever the opportunity presents itself in their work houses or in the streets.

And thus the Union is progressing on its way, without any funds for the house and workers, led by the mighty hand of God.

Project Canterbury