Project Canterbury

The Works of John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury.

Edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. John Ayre, M.A.

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1845.

Table of the Articles

The Ninth Article--Of the Canopy

The Tenth Article--Of Accidents without Subject

The Eleventh Article--Of dividing the Sacrament

The Twelfth Article--Of Figure, Sign, &c.

The Thirteenth Article--Of Plurality of Masses

The Fourteenth Article--Of Adoration of Images

The Fifteenth Article--Of reading the Scriptures

The Sixteenth Article--Of Consecration under silence

The Seventeenth Article--Of the Sacrifice

The Eighteenth Article--Of receiving for others

The Ninteenth Article--Of Application

The Twentieth Article--Of Opus Operatum

The Twenty-first Article--Of Lord and God

The Twenty-second Article--Of remaining under the Accidents

The Twenty-third Article--Whether a Mouse, &c.

The Twenty-fourth Article--Of Individuum Vagum

The Twenty-fifth Article--Whether the Forms be the Sacrament

The Twenty-sixth Article--Of hiding and covering

The Twenty-seventh Article--Of Ignorance

Project Canterbury