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John Mason Neale: A Memoir.
By Eleanor A. Towle.
London and New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1906. [External link]

John Mason Neale
By S.L. Ollard
From S.L. Ollard and Gordon Crosse, eds. A Dictionary of English Church History
London: Mowbray and Co., Ltd, 1912, page 386.

John Mason Neale.
London: The Catholic Literature Association, 1933.

Modern Documents

The Influence of John Mason Neale and the Theology of Symbolism from Anglo-Catholics and the Vestment Controversy in the 19th Century with special Reference to the Question of Authority, by the Reverend S.D. de Hart.
Ph.D. dissertation, Oxford University


The History of Pues.
London: Rivingtons, 1842.

Ayton Priory; or, The Restored Monastery.
London: Rivingtons, 1843. [External link]

Herbert Tresham: A Tale of the Great Rebellion
London: Rivington, 1843

The Symbolism of Churches and Church Ornaments.
Leeds, 1843.

Songs and Ballads for the People
London: James Burns, 1843.

The Re-Introduction of the System of Private Devotion in Churches.
London: J. Burns, 1844.

A Mirror of Faith: Lays and Legends of the Church in England.
London: J. Burns; Rugeley: J. T. Walters, 1845. [External link]

A Few Words to Parish Clerks and Sextons of Country Parishes
Published by the Ecclesiological late Cambridge Camden Society
London: Joseph Masters, 1846.

Poynings: A Tale of the Revolution.
London: J. Masters; J. Burns, 1846. [External link]

Duchenier; or, the Revolt of La Vendée
London: SPCK, 1905.
First published London: J. Masters, 1848.

The Unseen World; Communications with It, Real or Imaginary, Including Apparitions, Warnings, Haunted Places, Prophecies, Aerial Vision, Astrology, etc.
London: J. Masters, 1853.

Mediæval Preachers and Mediæval Preaching: A Series of Extracts, Translated from the Sermons of the middle Ages, Chronologically Arranged with notes and an Introduction.
London: J. and C. Mozley 1856. [External link]

Theodora Phranza; or, the Fall of Constantinople
New York: E.P. Dutton, 1913.
First published London: J. Masters, 1857.

The Late Riot at Lewes, from The Times, London, November 23, 1857, page 10.

The Lewes Riot, Its Causes and Its Consequences: A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Chichester.
London: Joseph Masters, 1857. [External link]

Egypt. A Seatonian Prize Poem.
Cambridge: Deightin Bell and Co., 1858. [External link]

A History of the So-Called Jansenist Church of Holland; with a Sketch of Its Earlier Annals
And some Account of the Brothers of the Common Life.
Oxford: John Henry and James Parker, 1858.

The Lily of Tiflis: A Sketch from Georgian Church History
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Voices from the East: Documents on the Present State and Working of the Oriental Church
London: Joseph Masters, 1859.

The Quay of the Dioscuri: A History of Nicene Times. Written in Greek, by Marcarius, merchant of Tunnies
London: J. Henry and J. Parker, 1859.

The Bride of Ramcuttah: A Tale of the Jesuit Missions to the East Indies in the Sixteenth Century
London: J. Parker, 1860.

Ruth: A Seatonian Poem, 1860

The Sea-Tigers: A Tale of Mediæval Nestorianism
London: Parker, 1860.

The XXIXth Canon, and Reasons for Its Abrogation: A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Oxford.
London: Joseph Masters, 1860.

Preface to The History of the Council of Florence, translated from the Russian by Basil Popoff, edited by John Mason Neale.
London: Masters, 1861.

Notes Ecclesiastical and Picturesque on Dalmatia.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1861.

Essays on Liturgiology and Church History.
London, 1863

Extreme Men. A Letter to A.J.B. Beresford Hope, Esq.
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The Blessing of Isaac: A Sermon preached on the Fourth Sunday after Easter, 1864, at St. Thomas the Martyr's, Oxford.
Oxford: Mowbray, 1864.

Secession: A Sermon Preached in the Oratory of S. Margaret's East Grinsted, November 18, 1859.
London: Joseph Masters, 1868. [External link]

The Virgin's Lamp: Prayers and Devout Exercises for English Sisters.
London: Rivingtons, 1868. [External link]

Lucia's Marriage; Or, The Lions of Wady-Araba.
London: James Parker, 1871.

Three Groups of Sermons on the Apocalypse, Proverbs, and the Song of Solomon.
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Lectures on Church Difficulties.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1871.

Sermons on the Black Letter Days or Minor Festivals of the Church of England. Third edition.
London: Masters, 1872

Sermons on Passages from the Prophets
London: J.T. Hayes, 1877.

volume one
volume two [External link]

Introductory Note to Nestorians and Their Rituals, by G. P. Badger.

Sermons on the Blessed Sacrament
Preached in the Oratory of S. Margaret's, East Grinstead
London: H. R. Allenson, n.d.

The Traditions of the Society of St. Margaret: Being the Rule of Life, the Internal Rule, and the Spirit of the Founder.
Boston: Society of St. Margaret, no date.

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