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Duchenier; or, the Revolt of La Vendée

By John Mason Neale

London: SPCK, 1905.
First published London: J. Masters, 1848.

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Chapter XVIII.
Chapter XIX.
Chapter XX.
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Chapter XXIII.
Chapter XXIV.
Chapter XXV.
Chapter XXVI.
Chapter XXVII.


IT is hoped that the following tale will convey a tolerably correct idea of the principles which actuated the French Loyalists during that period of the Revolution which intervened between the downfall of the Girondists, May, 1793, and the fall of Robespierre, July 27, 1794. Some trifling anachronisms have been allowed, for the sake of including one or two remarkable occurrences, which must otherwise have been omitted: but the most unlikely event in the whole story, the ride to La Flêche in the fifth chapter, is strictly founded on fact.

This reprint of Dr. Neale's Duchenier; or, the Revolt of La Vendée, has been undertaken by the Committee to meet a continuous demand. The lessons conveyed by this volume are wholesome and the work interesting. There is no book published since the last edition was issued that actually takes the place of the present volume.

ED. S.P.C.K. June 1905.

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