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This Planted Vine: A Narrative History of the Episcopal Diocese of New York

By James Elliott Lindsley

New York: Harper and Row Publishers, 1984.

Digitized by Wayne Kempton
Archivist and Historiographer of the Diocese of New York, 2014


Chapter 1. The Beginnings

Chapter 2. "Come Over and Help Us." The SPG

Chapter 3. An Era of Expansion in Manhattan and Westchester: Growth Around New York City

Chapter 4. After the Peace

Chapter 5. A Bishop for New York

Chapter 6. Benjamin Moore: Benign Bishop

Chapter 7. The Heritage of a Great Bishop: Hobart

Chapter 8. Onderdonk: Triumph and Tragedy

Chapter 9. Interregnum


Chapter 10. Horatio Potter: From Farm to Fifth Avenue

Chapter 11. Potter the Magnificent

Chapter 12. La Belle Epoque

Chapter 13. The Reign of Manning

Chapter 14. Bishop Gilbert: A Brief Interlude

Chapter 15. Horace W. B. Donegan: Changing the Fortunes of American Christendom





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