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The Rev. H. W. NUNN, B.A., Trin. Coll. (Melb. Univ.)
(late Chaplain 2nd A.I.F.)


(All rights reserved)


Issued by the

Editorial Committee of the Centenary Celebrations,
Melbourne Diocese.

JUNE, 1947



Transcribed by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown
Bishop of Malaita, Church of the Province of Melanesia, 2007

Reproduction by kind permission of the Diocese of Melbourne and the estate of the Reverend H. W. Nunn.


The Coat of Arms on the cover of this book is that of the Diocese of Melbourne.


Foreword by His Grace the Archbishop of Melbourne 7

Preface 9

Chapter 1. Early Years (1803-1847) 11

Chapter 2. Bishop Charles Perry (1847-1876), the Statesman 19

Chapter 3. Charles Perry, the Educationist 26

Chapter 4. Charles Perry, the Man 33

Chapter 5. Bishop James Moorhouse (1876-1886) 33

Chapter 6. The Growth of the Province of Victoria--

(a) Framework and Architects 53

(b) The Dioceses 61

Chapter 7. Mission Work 66

Chapter 8. Social Services 74


Area of Dioceses in Australia and Tasmania 80

Map of Australia showing Boundaries of Dioceses 81

Chart of Australian Dioceses, illustrating their descent, with a list of Bishops 82

A list of Schools under the aegis of the Church of England in the Diocese of Melbourne 83

Chancellors of the Diocese 84

Advocates of the Diocese 84

Registrars of the Diocese 84

Notes 84


The Right Reverend Charles Stuart Perry, First Bishop of Melbourne 5

St. James' Church, William Street, Melbourne 17

St. Paul's Church, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1857 31

An Open-Air Service at the Bendigo Diggings, 1854 39

The Right Reverend James Moorhouse, Second Bishop of Melbourne 43

Swanston Street, Melbourne, showing St. Paul's Church, prior to the building of the Cathedral 55

The Right Reverend Charles Stuart Perry, First Bishop of Melbourne, 1847-1876.

AND we do further by these Presents ordain and constitute the Town of Melbourne within the said Colony of Australia to be a Bishop's See and the Seat of the said Bishop and do ordain that the said Town of Melbourne hall henceforth be a City and be called the City of Melbourne.

--An extract from Letter Patent granted Charles Perry, D.D., by Queen Victoria, on June 25, 1848.

See page 18, also note (18) on page 85.


AS 1947 is the hundredth anniversary of the Consecration of Bishop Perry, it is fitting that our Church people should be informed and inspired. No book is available which deals adequately with these events and so we asked the Reverend H. W. Nunn to write something for us which may well be the forerunner of a larger volume in days to come.

I believe that Mr. Nunn has searched the records with great care and has avoided the temptation of giving us a mere catalogue of events. He has picked out certain significant people and important movements and has spread them out on his canvas for all to see.

No one can read the full story and measure the great work done during the last hundred years without thanking God and taking courage.

Yours sincerely,


Project Canterbury