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Enos Nuttall, first Archbishop of the West Indies


Addington Venables, Bishop of Nassau

Anglicanism in the West Indies and Caribbean

By country




Guyana, formerly known as British Guiana


A Sermon, Preached in His Church, by the Rev. Daniel Gateward Davis, A.M., Rector of the Parish of St. George's, Basseterre, in the Island of St. Christopher, and One of the Chaplains of the Lord Bishop of the Diocese. On Sunday, the 13th of April, 1828; on Which Day Three Candidates Were Admitted into Priest's Orders.
Saint Christopher: Samuel Cable, 1830.

Memoir of the Late Bishop Coleridge
From The Colonial Church Chronicle, and Missionary Journal, Vol. IV (July, 1850), pages 3-11.

A Tribute to the Memory of the Rev. Flavel S. Mines, A.M., Rector of Trinity Church, San Francisco, California, and formerly of St. Paul's Church, St. Croix, W.I., Died 5th August 1852; of the Rev. Edmund Richards, A.M., Rector of All Saints, St. Thomas, W.I., Died 3d September 1852; and of the Rev. John Wade, A.M., Rector of St. Paul's Church, St. Croix, W.I., Died 22d October 1852.
By the Rev. Fletcher J. Hawley, A.M., Rector of St. John's Church, St. Croix, W.I.
St. Croix: Printed at Mrs. Hatchett's Office, 1853.

The Pastor Separating from His People: A Farewell Sermon, Preached in Zion Church, New-York, Whitsunday, A.M., June 12th, 1859.
By Richard Cox, M.A.
New York: John W. Amerman, 1859.

A Holiday Trip in the Diocese of Nassau
By H. T. S. Cassell
From Mission Life, Vol I (first series) (December 1, 1866), pages 499-509.

Last Journal of the Rt. Rev. George Burgess, D.D., Bishop of Maine
From December 27, 1865, to April 20, 1866.
With an Introduction by the Rt. Rev. Alfred Lee, D.D., Bishop of Delaware
Boston: E.P. Dutton, 1866.

Bishop Spencer. In Memoriam. [Aubrey George Spencer]
From Mission Life, Vol. III (new series) (1872), pages 218-220.

The Diocese of Antigua. English Church Mission to Ponce, Porto Rico, West Indies.
By William Walrond Jackson
From Mission Life, Vol. III, Part 2 (new series) (London, 1872), pages 495-498.

In the Bahamas
[By Addington Robert Peel Venables]
From Mission Life, Vol. III (1872), pp. 355-361.

The Church in the West Indies
By the Right Rev. H. H. Parry
From Mission Life, Vol. V (1874)

Addington Venables, Bishop of Nassau: A Sketch of His Life and Labours for the Church of God
By William Francis Henry King
London: W. Wells Gardner, 1877.

The Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Island of Cuba
Report of the Rev. Edward Kenney, B.D. Appointed A.D. 1871, by the Bishops in Council.
New York: Printed by the Cuba Church Missionary Guild, for gratuitous distribution. 1879.

An Address Delivered in Lieu of a Visitation Charge, in St. John's Cathedral, Antigua, on the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, 1882, before the Clergy and Laity of the Church Council of Antigua, at the Opening of Their Session.
By John Mitchinson, Coadjutor to the Bishops of Antigua and Peterborough; Late Bishop of Barbados and the Windward Islands.
Northampton: Stanton and Son, 1882.

Fifty Years in Western Africa
Being a Record of the Work of the West Indian Church on the Banks of the Rio Pongo
By A.H. Barrow.
London: SPCK, 1900.

Mankind and the Church
Being an Attempt to Estimate the Contribution of Great Races to the Fulness of the Church of God
Edited by H. H. Montgomery
London, New York, Bombay and Calcutta: Longmans, Green and Co., 1907.

II.The Special Influence which the African or Negro Race May Exercise on the Future Developments of Christianity
The Most Rev. E. Nuttall, D.D., Archbishop of the West Indies

Chapter I. The Negro Race

Chapter II. Characteristics of the Negro

Chapter III. Negro Christianity


Our Opportunity in the West Indies.
Benjamin Garniss O'Rorke.
Westminster: The Society for Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1913. [External link]

Handbooks on the Missions of the Episcopal Church: The West Indies.
New York: The National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1926.

Silver Jubilee of the Most Reverend Edward Arthur Dunn, D.D.
No place: no publisher, 1942.

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