Project Canterbury

Frank Stanton Burns Gavin


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New Tracts for the Times, edited by Frank Gavin

1. The Call to Action, by Julian D. Hamlin
2. The End of Our Era, by W.G. Peck
3. The Sacred Humanity, by Daniel A. McGregor
4. The Church and Society in the Second Century, by Frank Gavin
5. The Mass and the Masses, by Alden Drew Kelley
6. The Red Festival, by Mary K. Simkhovitch
7. Statesmanship and Religion, by Henry A. Wallace
8. Why Missions? by Edmund L. Souder
9. Money Makers and Moral Man, by Joseph F. Fletcher
10. Men and Women, by Mary Willcox Glenn
11. The Christian Attitude toward Private Property, by Vida D. Scudder
12. The New Idol, by Frank Gavin