Project Canterbury

Liberal Catholicism and the Modern World

Edited by Frank Gavin

Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1933.


The Holy Spirit's Province, by the Rev. Frank Gavin

The Christ and the Christian, by the Rev. William H. Dunphy

Sources of our Faith and Our Faith in the Sources

The Old Testament, by the Rev. Cuthbert A. Simpson

The New Testament, by the Rev. Frederick C. Grant

The Faith and Thought

The Need of a Catholic Philosophy Today, by the Rev. Wilbur M. Urban

Necessary Premises to Catholic Thinking, by Jared S. Moore

Liberal Catholicism and Modernism, by the Rev. Granville Mercer Williams, SSJE

The Faith and the Moral Life

The Basis of Christian Ethics, by the Rev. Charles L. Street

The Faith and Moral Life, by the Rev. Alfred Newbery

The Faith and History

Freedom and Authority in the Catholic Tradition, by the Rev. M. Bowyer Stewart

The Historical Basis of Liberal Catholicism, by the Rev. Edward Rochie Hardy, Jr.

The Faith and Education, by Adelaide T. Case

The Faith and the New Psychology, by H. Flanders Dunbar

The Faith and Natural Science, by the Rev. F. Hastings Smyth

Project Canterbury