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The First-fruits of Mala
From Southern Cross Log (Australia/New Zealand edition), Nov. 10, 1905, pages 8-10.

Hints to Missionaries to Melanesia.
London: Melanesian Mission, 1907.

Darkness and Dawn: A Missionary Play in Three Acts Descriptive of the Work of the Melanesian Mission.
Sydney: The Australian Board of Missions, 1914.

A Churchman's View of the Fundamental Differences Operating in the Character of the Two Great Teutonic Nations Now at War: England and Germany, being a Patriotic Sermon Preached at St. Paul's Malvern, Near Melbourne, Sunday, 9th August, 1914.

Dictionary and Grammar of the Language of Sa'a and Ulawa, Solomon Islands with Appendices.
Washington, DC: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1918. [External link]



[1] "A Brief Grammar of Sa'a and Ulawa"
[2] "The Lord's Prayer in Twenty Languages as used in the Diocese of Melanesia in the Islands of the South Pacific"
[3] "Linguistics in the Western Pacific"
[4] "Melanesia and its People"
[5] "Some Historical Notes concerning the Melanesian Mission"
[6] "'Yachting' in Melanesia"
[7] "The Queensland Labour Trade"
[8] "Santa Cruz"

Grammar and Vocabulary of the Lau Language, Solomon Islands.
Washington, DC: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1921. [External link]

Melanesians of the South-East Solomon Islands.
London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1927.

Island Builders of the Pacific: How and Why the People of Mala Construct Their Artificial Islands, the Antiquity and Doubtful Origin of the Practice, with a Description of the Social Organization, Magic and Religion of Their Inhabitants.
London: Seeley, 1930.

Mota Primer for English Use.
British Solomon Islands: Melanesian Mission Press, 1936.

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