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Walter Hubert Baddeley


Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Reverend Walter Hubert Baddeley to the Office of Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of Melanesia in the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, in the City and Diocese of Auckland, on the Feast of St. Andrew November 30th, 1932
By the Reverend Thomas Cartwright Cullwick, former Archdeacon of Southern Melanesia
Auckland: Star Office, 1932.

Tribute to Walter Hubert Baddeley.
By John Simkin.
Auckland: no publisher, 1947.

Bishop Walter Baddeley, 1894-1960: Soldier, Priest and Missionary. [PDF]
By Antony Hodgson.
Thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy, King's College, London, 2010.

Bishop's Report for 1933.
From Melanesian Mission, Report of the English Committee, 1933, Church House, Westminster, London, pages 7-26.

Bishop's Report.
Sydney, New South Wales: The Melanesian Mission, 1934.

"Ta'ina:" Some Lines on a New Movement in Melanesia.
[By Walter Hubert Baddeley]
Sydney, New South Wales: The Melanesian Mission, 1935.

Precis of a Report by the Bishop [Walter Hubert Baddeley] given at a meeting of the General Committee at Church House, Westminster, 29th January, 1936
Sydney: Union House, 1936.

"Behind It All is God:" The Melanesian Mission in War-Time.
The Bishop's Report for 1942.
Sydney: The Australian Board of Missions, 1942.

The Bishop's Annual Report for 1943.
Melanesian Mission, Church of the Province of New Zealand.
Sydney: Melanesian Mission Office, 1943.

Untitled message by the Bishop of Melanesia, Dated 3rd March 1944.
No place: no publisher, 1944.

A Broadcast June, 1945.

Barge Memorial Address.
From The Southern Cross Log, June, 1947

Obituary from Southern Cross Log, London, June 1960, pages 34-36.
By Harry V.C. Reynolds, with Photograph from cover of Southern Cross Log, London, March 1960.

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