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Resources on the Nonjurors

Jeremy Collier

Thomas Ken

William Sancroft

Of Christian Communion
By John Kettlewell
London: no publisher, 1693.

Reasons for Restoring Some Prayers and Directions as They Stand in the Communion Service of the First English Reformed Liturgy
By Jeremy Collier (1718)

The Lives of the Seven Bishops Committed to the Tower in 1688
Enriched and Illustrated with Personal Letters, Now First Published, from the Bodleian Library.
By Agnes Strickland
London: Bell and Daldy, 1866.

Life and Writings of Charles Leslie, M.A., Nonjuring Divine
By the Rev. R. J. Leslie, M.A.
London: Rivingtons, 1885.

The Non-Jurors and the Eastern Orthodox, by the Revd H. W. Langford, Vice-Principal, St Chad's College, Durham.
A Paper read to the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius Conference at Durham 26 June 1965

The Orthodox Church of the East in the Eighteenth Century: Being the Correspondence between the Eastern Patriarchs and the Nonjuring Bishops, by George Williams.

William Law's Defence of Church Principles: Three Letters to the Bishop of Bangor, 1717-1719. Edited by J.O. Nash and Charles Gore.

The Later Nonjurors, by Henry Broxap. Cambridge, 1928.

Appendix II. The Nonjurors' Doctrine and Ceremonies

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