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Charles Gore

Bishop Gore and the Catholic Claims.
By John Chapman.
London: Longmans, Green, 1905. [External link]

Bishop Gore's Challenge to Criticism: A Reply to the Bishop of Oxford's Open Letter on the Basis of Anglican Fellowship.
By William Sanday.
London: Longmans, 1914. [External link]

Charles Gore: A Biographical Sketch
By Gordon Crosse.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1932.

What Is Truth? A Sermon Preached at S. Barnabas, Oxford, on Trinity Sunday 1879.
Oxford: J. Parker, 1880.

The Church and the Ministry: A Review of the Rev. E. Hatch's Bampton Lectures.
London: Rivingtons, 1882.

The Roman Catholic Claims: Reprinted from the "Indian Churchman." 
Calcutta: E. Berryman, 1884.

A Word for Peace on Justification, Being a Letter to the Rev. Henry Williams, of the Church Missionary Society.
Calcutta: E. Berryman, 1884.

Prayer and the Reign of Law. 
London: Rivingtons, 1887.

The Clergy and the Creeds: A Sermon.
London: Rivingtons, 1887.

Some Remarks on "Dust"
Oxford: B.H. Blackwell, 1888.

Apostolic Endurance: Preached at the Cuddesdon College Festival on June 18, 1889.
Oxford: Bowden, 1889. [External link]

The Ministry of the Christian Church.
London: Rivingtons, 1889. [External link]

The Eucharistic Sacrifice: A Sermon Preached before the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, on Its Festival, June 20, 1889.
no place: Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, 1889.

The Restoration of Spiritual Continuity.
From The Contemporary Pulpit (London), Second Series Vol. 1, No. 7 July 1889.

The Resurrection: An Historical Fact.
Reading: Blagrave Street Steam Printing Works, 1890.

The Sermon on the Mount. 
London: John Murray, 1891.

The Incarnation of the Son of God.
1891 Bampton Lectures
London: John Murray, 1891.

The Social Doctrine of the Sermon on the Mount
London: Percival, 1892. [External link]

The Mission of the Church: Four Lectures delivered in June, 1892, in the Cathedral Church of St. Asaph.
New York: Scribner, 1892.
London: Murray, 1892. [External link]

Buying up the Opportunity: A Sermon Preached before the University of Oxford, on the Second Sunday in Advent, 1894.
London: SPCK, 1895.
New York: E. & J.B. Young & Co., 1895.

Dissertations on Subjects connected with the Incarnation.
London: John Murray, 1895. [External link]

Essays in Aid of the Reform of the Church. 
London: J. Murray, 1898.

Prayer and the Lord's Prayer.
London: Wells, Gardner, Darton, 1898. [External link]

St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: A Practical Exposition. 
London: J. Murray, 1898. [External link]

The Test of Theological and Ecclesiastical Development. This lecture was delivered at the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Church Historical Society on December 6, 1900. It was originally printed by special request from a shorthand report.

St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans: A Practical Exposition.
London: J. Murray, 1900. [External link]

The Body of Christ: An Enquiry into the Institution and Doctrine of Holy Communion.
New York: Scribner, 1901. [External link]

The Test of Theological and Ecclesiastical Development.
London: SPCK, 1901.
New York: E. & J. B. Young, 1901.

Spiritual Efficiency: The Primary Charge delivered at his Visitation to the Clergy and Churchwardens of His Diocese October, 1904.
London: John Murray, 1905.

Why We Christians Believe in Christ: Bishop Gore's Bampton Lectures Shortened for Popular Use.
London: J. Murray, 1904.

The Permanent Creed and the Christian Idea of Sin, Being Two Sermons
London: John Murray, 1905.

Objections to the Education Bill, 1906, in Principle and in Detail
London: Murray, 1906. [External link]

The New Theology and the Old Religion, Being Eight Lectures, together with Five Sermons.
London: J. Murray, 1907. [External link]

Christianity and Socialism. 
London: A.R. Mowbray 1908.

The Sermon on the Mount: A Practical Exposition.
London: J. Murray, 1908. [External link]

Orders and Unity.
New York: Dutton, 1909. [External link]

The Question of Divorce. 
London: J. Murray, 1911.

The Title "The Son of Man."
Liverpool: J.A. Thompson and Co., 1911.

Leo the Great.
London: SPCK, 1912. [External link]

The Religious Aspect of the Women's Movement: An Address Delivered in the Queen's Hall, London, on June 19th, 1912.
London: Christian Commonwealth, 1912.

The Social Obligations of a Christian.
London: Mowbray, 1912.

Property, Its Duties and Rights: Historically, Philosophically and Religiously Regarded.
London: Macmillan, 1913. [External link]

The Solidarity of the Faith. 
London and New York: Longmans, Green, 1914.

The Basis of Anglican Fellowship in Faith and Organization. An Open letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Oxford.
London: Mowbrays, 1914.

Patriotism in the Bible.
London: A.R. Mowbray, 1915.

Crisis in Church and Nation.
London: Mowbray, 1915.
Milwaukee: Young Churchman, 1915.

Child Labour and Education during the War and after. 
London: Workers' Educational Association, 1915.

The War and the Church and other Addresses Being the Charge Delivered at His Primary Visitation, 1914.
London: A.R. Mowbray; Milwaukee: Young Churchman, 1915. [External link]

Association of Prayer for the Church in Canada: A Sermon Preached in St. Matthew's Church, Great Peter Street, Westminster on Thursday Morning, November 4, 1915. 
London: Longmans, 1916.

The Religion of the Church: As Presented in the Church of England: A Manual of Membership.
London: Mowbray; Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1916. [External link]

Reservation: Addresses by the Bishop of Oxford the Right Rev. Charles Gore, D.D. And the Bishop of the Diocese the Right Rev. J. E. Watts-Ditchfield, D.D. to the Clergy of the Diocese of Chelmsford. Together With A Series of Questions And Answers. London: Robert Scott, 1917

part one
part two
part three

The Theological Bearings of Certain Extra-Liturgical Uses of the Blessed Sacrament.
London: Longmans, 1917.

Dominant Ideas and Corrective Principles.
London: Mowbray, 1918. [External link]

The League of Nations: The Opportunity of the Church. 
New York: G.H. Doran.
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1918. [External link]

Not Charity, But Justice. 
London: The Challenge, 1919.

Steps towards Unity. 
London: Mowbray, 1919.

Dr. Headlam's Bampton Lectures: An Open Letter to the Bishop of Nassau.
London: A.R. Mowbray, 1920.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1920.

The Epistles of St. John. 
London: J. Murray, 1920. [External link]

Christianity Applied to the Life of Men and of Nations. 
London: The Lindsey Press, 1920.

Roman Catholic Claims.
London: Longmans, Green, 1920. [External link]

Belief in God.
London: J. Murray, 1921. [External link]

The Fall of Man: A Sermon Preached in Substance in Balliol College Chapel on January 30 and in St. Paul's Cathedral on Feb. 13, 1921.
London: Mowbray, 1921.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1921.

Christian Moral Principles: Seven Sermons preached in Grosvenor Chapel as a Lenten Course in 1921.
London: Mowbray, 1921.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1921. [External link]

Divorce in the New Testament: A Reply to Dr. Charles.
By G.H. Box and Charles Gore.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1921.
New York: The Macmillan Company, 1921.

Belief in Christ.
London: J. Murray, 1922. [External link]

Catholicism and Roman Catholicism.Three Addresses delivered in Grosvenor Chapel in Advent, 1922.
London: Mowbray, 1922.

The Deity of Christ Four Sermons preached during Advent, 1921, in Grosvenor Chapel by Charles Gore, D.D., D.C.L., LL.D.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1922.

The Doctrine of the Infallible Book.
London: Student Christian Movement, 1924.
New York: George H. Doran, [no date, but 1924]

The Holy Spirit and the Church. 
New York: Scribner, 1924.
London: Murray, 1924. [External link]

The Anglo-Catholic Movement To-day.
London: Mowbray, 1925.

Can We Then Believe? Summary of Volumes on "Reconstruction of Belief" and Reply to Criticisms.
New York: Scribner, 1926.

Dangers and Duties: A Sermon Preached before the Church Congress at All Saints', Cheltenham, on Tuesday, October 2, 1928.
London: Mowbray, 1928.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1928.

An Appeal to Churchmen to Support the British and Foreign Bible Society. 
New York: American Bible Society, 1928.

Christ and Society.
London: Allen and Unwin, 1928.

The Holy Communion: The Gift, the Offering, the Fellowship: Lectures Delivered in Westminster Abbey, together with a Sermon on the Church in the World.
London: Mowbray, 1928.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1928.

Jesus of Nazareth. 
New York: Holt, 1929.

Lambeth on Contraceptives.
London: Mowbray, 1930.

Dr. Streeter and the Primitive Church. 
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1930.
London: A. R. Mowbray, 1930.

The Philosophy of Good Life: Being the Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1929-1930.
London: J. Murray, 1930.

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