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Henry Phillpotts


A Reply to the Letter of Humphrey Price, to the Bishop of Exeter, with a Defence of the Primitive and Anglo-Catholic Episcopacy, and of the Apostolic Succession in the Church of England.
By Samuel Carey Richards.
Exeter: W. Norton, 1841.

The Gorham Controversy

The Life, Times, and Writings of the Right Rev. Dr. Henry Phillpotts, Lord Bishop of Exeter.
London: Saunders, Otley, 1863. [External links]

Volume one
Volume two

Sermon Preached at St. Margaret's, Crosgate, Durham, on Sunday, the 16th November, 1817, on Occasion of the Death of the Princess Charlotte of Wales.
Durham: Francis Humble and co., 1817.

A Letter to the Freeholders of the County of Durham, on the Proceedings of the County Meeting, holden on Thursday, 21st October Instant, and Particularly on the Speech of John George Lambton, Esq. M.P.
Durham: Francis Humble and Co., 1819. [External link]

Letter to Francis Jeffrey, Esq., the Reputed Editor of the Edinburgh Review, on an Article Entitled "Dunham Case, Clerical Abuse."
Durham: Printed for G. Andrews, 1823.

A Letter to the Right Honourable George Canning, on the Bill of 1825, for Removing the Disqualifications of His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects, and on His Speech in Support of the Same.
London: J. Murray, 1827. [External link]

A Letter to an English Layman, on the Coronation Oath, and His Late Majesty's Correspondence with Lord Kenyon and Mr. Pitt, in which are Considered the Several Opinions of Mr. Jeffrey in the Edinburgh Review, no. XCI of Mr. Dillon, Dr. Milner, and Mr. Charles Butler and the Application of the Whole to the Present Claims of the Roman Catholics in Ireland.
London: J. Murray, 1828. [External link]

The Speech of the Bishop of Exeter, in the House of Lords, on Wednesday, the 11th of April, 1832; on the Second Reading of the Reform Bill.
London, J. Murray, 1832.

Address of the Lord Bishop of Exeter to the Clergy of His Diocese on the Conduct of the Rev. Henry E. Head, Rector of Feniton Delivered after the Confirmation held at Honiton, on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 1838 with Correspondence, &c.
London: W.E. Painter, 1838.

Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter at His Triennial Visitation.
London: John Murray, 1839. [External link]

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter, at the Triennial Visitation in June, July, August, and September, 1842.
London: J. Murray, 1842. [External link]

A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter, on the use of the Offertory, Especially with Reference to the Missionary Exertions of the Church, and to the State of Spiritual Destitution in the Manufacturing Districts of England.
London: John Murray, 1843.

A Sermon Preached by Henry Lord Bishop of Exeter at a General Ordination Holden in the Cathedral Church of Exeter, on Sunday, September 24, 1843.
London: J. Murray, 1843. [External link]

A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter on Observance of the Rubric in the Book of Common Prayer.
London: J. Murray, 1844.

The Case of the Rev. Mr. Shore: A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.
London: J. Murray, 1849. [External link]

A Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Bishop of Exeter.
New York: Pudney and Russell, 1850.

A Letter to the Archdeacon of Totnes in Answer to an Address from the Clergy of That Archdeaconry on the Necessity of Episcopal Ordination.
London: John Murray, 1852.

A Letter to Miss Sellon.
London: John Murray, 1852.

A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy of His Diocese before His Triennial Visitation in April, May, and June, 1854.
London: John Murray, 1854.

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