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Richard Meux Benson


Richard Meux Benson, From Saints and Leaders, by HFB Mackay.
London: Society of SS Peter and Paul, 1928.

Richard Meux Benson.
London: The Catholic Literature Association, 1933.

The Virgin Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Foundation of the Christian Religion
Boston, n.d.

Further Letters of Richard Meux Benson
Student of Christ Church; Founder and First Superior of the Society of S. John the Evangelist, Cowley
Edited by W.H. Longridge of the Same Society
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1920.

Historical Resources on the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (Cowley Fathers)

Lays of Memory, Sacred and Social.
London: Hurst and Blackett, 1856. [External link]

A Village Sermon upon the Divorce Bill.
London: J. Master, 1857.

The Wisdom of the Son of David: An Exposition of the First Nine Chapters of the Book of Proverbs.
London: Hayes, 1860. [External link]

Redemption: Some of the Aspects of the Work of Christ considered in a Course of Sermons.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1861. [External link]

The Manual of Intercessory Prayer.
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The Name of Jesus: A Sermon Preached before the University of Oxford on the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, 1865.
London: Rivingtons, 1865.

The Divine Rule of Prayer, or, Considerations upon the Lord's Prayer, with Various Forms of Analysis and Paraphrase.
London: Bell and Daldy, 1866.

The Free Action of God's Love amidst the Fixed Operations of His Power: A Sermon on the efficacy of Prayer, Preached on the Third Sunday in Lent, 1866, Previous to the Observance of a Day of Humiliation by Reason of the Cattle Plague.
London: Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, 1866.

Benedictus Dominus: A Course of Meditations for Every Day of the Year.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1870. [External link]

Commendatory Letters from the Bishops of Winchester and Oxford, and Correspondence with the Bishop of Massachusetts in Relation to an Invitation extended by the Parish of the Advent to the Rev. R.M. Benson of Christ Church, Oxford, England.
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Bible Teachings: The Discourse at Capernaum, S. John VI.
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The Seed of the Woman Triumphant through Suffering.
From The Church Eclectic, November 1896, pp. 673-684.

The Divine Origin of Redemption
From The Church Eclectic, January 1897, pp. 878-892.

The Followers of the Lamb: A Series of Meditations Especially Intended for Persons Living under Religious Vows and for seasons of Retreat, etc.
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The War-songs of the Prince of Peace: A Devotional Commentary on the Psalter.
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Volume one
Volume two

Saint Columba: A Poem.
Edinburgh: St. Giles' Printing Co. ; London: E. Stock, 1901.

The Virgin Birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: A Paper Read (in part) before the Norwich Branch of the English Church Union, on June 9th, 1904.
Norwich: A.H. Goose, 1904.

A Calendar with Some Words Chiefly from the Unpublished Retreat Addresses.
London: A.R. Mowbray, 1932.

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