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Documents by and about George David Cummins

Are There Romanizing Germs in the Prayer Book?
By Franklin Rising.
New York: no publisher, 1868.

Revidenda; Or, A Brief Statement of Those Things in the Liturgy Which Should Be Revised and Altered, together with a Short History of the Prayer-Book, and the Revisions It Has Already Undergone.
Philadelphia: Office of The Episcopalian, 1868.

Prayer Book versus Prayer Book.
By Benjamin B. Leacock.
Philadelphia: Office of The Episcopalian, 1869.

Trial of the Reverend Charles Edward Cheney, Rector of the Christ Church, Chicago before an Ecclesiastical Court, Convened by the Bishop of Illinois, together with the Proceedings in the Superior Court of Chicago, and the Opinion of Hon. John A. Jameson, Sustaining the Injunction Granted against the Ecclesiastical Tribunal.
Chicago: no publisher, 1869. [External link]

The Faith of Bartimaeus: A Sermon preached at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, before the Protestant Episcopal Association for the Promotion of Christianity Among the Jews, January 6th, 1870.
By William R. Nicholson.
Philadelphia: Henry B. Ashmead, 1870.

Correspondence between the Rev. William McGuire, of Washington, D. C., and Bishop William R. Whittingham, of the Diocese of Maryland.
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1874.

The "Cummins Movement." A Sermon Preached in St. James' Church, Zanesville, Ohio, on Sunday Morning, February 8, 1874.
By Jeremiah Franklin Ohl.
Zanesville, Ohio: Sullivan & Brown, 1874.

Letter of the Rev. James A. Latané, Rector of St. Matthew's Church, Wheeling, West Virginia
To Bishop Johns, Resigning the Ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
No place: no publisher, 1874.

Four Documents:
Bishop Cummins' Letter of "Abandonment of the Communion of the Church."
Bishop Alfred Lee's "Open Letter" in Reply.
Bishop Cummin's Sermon in Defence of the Prayer Book.
Bishop Johns' Letter in Reply to the Letter of the Rev. Mr. Latané
Foreword by the Bishop of New York.
Philadelphia: M'Calla & Stavely; Pittsburgh: I.R. Weldin, 1874.

An Open Letter to the Rt. Rev. Wm. Bacon Stevens, D.D.,
Respecting what he says of Bishop Cummins and His Associates, in the late Episcopal Address to the Convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.
By a Presbyter of that Diocese. [Marshall B. Smith]
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1874.

Whence, Whither and Why.
A Sermon Preached by Rev. William T. Sabine, Church of the Atonement, New York. April 26, 1874.
James A. Moore, 1874.

The Reformed Episcopal Church: A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, Chicago, Sunday Evening, December 7, 1873
By Charles Edward Cheney, D.D.
Chicago: Perry, Morris & Sultzer, 1874.

The Evangelical Ideal of a Visible Church: A Sermon Preached before the Second General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church in the City of New York, Wednesday, May 13th, 1874.
By Charles Edward Cheney, D.D.
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1875.

Reasons Why I Became a Reformed Episcopalian
By William Rufus Nicholson, D.D.
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1875.

Sermon in Answer to Certain Reasons Assigned for the Organization of the "Reformed Episcopal Church."
By Thomas Jefferson Danner.
Newark: Holbrook's Steam Printery, 1875.

Seven Good Reasons for Not Joining "The Reformed Episcopal Church."
By Richard Newton.
No place: no publisher, 1875.

The Book of Common Prayer. Revision a Duty and Necessity. The Departure from the Doctrine of the Reformers Made in the Revisions of Elizabeth and Charles II. An Historical Inquiry in Two Lectures, Delivered in Ottawa, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and New York.
By Mason Gallagher.
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1876.

A Lecture Delivered before the Pastor and Congregation of the Reformed Episcopal Church, Ottawa shewing the reasons for the Formation of the Church and where the Church of England has fallen from the Faith, has adopted and teaches Roman Catholic Ritual, Doctrine and Practices.
Ottawa: no publisher, 1876. [External link]

The Priesthood of the Church of God: Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Fourth General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church, in Emmanuel Church, Ottawa, Canada, Wednesday, July 12, 1876.
By William Rufus Nicholson.
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1876.

The Real Presence of Christ in the Bread and Wine in the Lord's Supper: A Sermon Delivered April 15th, 1877, in the Second Reformed Episcopal Church, Philadelphia.
By William Rufus Nicholson.
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1877.

Points of Difference between the Church of England in Canada and the Reformed Episcopal Church: A Statement Set Forth by the Standing Committee for the Missionary Jurisdiction of Ottawa and approved by the presiding Bishop, January 1877.
Ottawa: Free Press Printing and Publishing House, 1877.

Memoir of George David Cummins: First Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church.
By Alexandrine Macomb Cummins.
New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1878. [External link]

The Church of Christ: What It Is and Who Are in It: A Sermon Preached in the First Reformed Episcopal Church of New York, Madison Avenue and 55th Street, Nov. 16, 1879.
By William Tufnell Sabine.
New York: William Knowles, 1880.

A Sermon Preached in the First Reformed Episcopal Church in Boston in Memory of Rev. Samuel Cutler, Founder and First Pastor of that Church.
By James M. Gray.
Boston: no publisher, 1880.

Memoirs of the Reformed Episcopal Church with Contemporary Reports Respecting These and the Church of England, Extracted and Compared with Previous History, Approved by Bp. Cummins and the Council.
By Benjamin Aycrigg.
New York: Edward O. Jenkins, 1880. [External link]

The Reformed Episcopal Church a Witness-Bearer for God: A Sermon for the 25th Anniversary of the Founding of the Reformed Episcopal Church Preached First on Sunday Morning, December 4th, 1898, at the First Church, New York.
By William R. Nicholson.
New York: no publisher, 1898.

A History of the Formation and Growth of the Reformed Episcopal Church, 1873-1902.
By Annie Darling Price.
Philadelphia: James M. Armstrong, 1903. [External link]

William Rufus Nicholson, D.D. Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church.
[No place:] Printed for private distribution, [1903]

Building the Old Waste Places: A Sermon Preached at the Closing Service in the First Reformed Episcopal Church, New York City, November 2nd, 1919.
By Percy T. Edrop.
Philadelphia: James Armstrong, 1919.

The Lambeth Conference and the Reformed Episcopal Church
Joint Commission on Approaches to Unity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. (1941)

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