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A Companion for the Persecuted
Or, An Office for Those Who Suffer for Righteousness

Containing Particular Prayers and Devotions, for Particular Graces, and for their Private or Publick Wants and Occasions.

By John Kettlewell

No place: no publisher, 1693.

An Office for those Who Suffer for Righteousness.

The Introduction

Scriptures for Receiving Persecutions.

1. As Chastisements of former Offences.
2. As Trials of Obedience, and as bringing Losses for Righteousness. Which are to be received with.

1. Contentedness, and Thankfulness.
2. Free Confession of Christ, and his Truths.
3. Integrity and Prudent Caution.
4. Steadfastness and Constancy.
5. Faith.
6. Trust in God.
7. Against Trusting more in other Things than in God, and fixing too much on Earthly Dependences.
8. With Patience.
9. With Prayers and unwearied Devotion.
10. With Charity towards Persecutors.
11. Towards Persecuted.
12. Motives to Suffer.
13. For Deliverance from Persecution.
14. For Trust in God, to be preserved under the Same, and Delivered from them.
15. An Hymn of thanksgiving for Deliverance from Persecutions.

Prayers under Persecutions.

1. As Chastisements of Offences, a Penitential Prayer.

Another out of the Office of Commination.

2. As Trials of Obedience, and bringing Losses for Righteousness. A General Prayer for Mercies and Qualifications, needful in Suffering Times.
Another out of the Litany.

Particular Prayers for,

1. Integrity, and not Seeking to evil ways for Help.
2. Constancy in Persecuted Duties: Against being

1. Turned aside by worldly Dangers or Losses.
2. or Shaken in mind, or Scandalized,

1. By Defection of others, or variety of Opinions.
2. By a Reverence for any men's Persons.
3. For Faith.
4. For Trust in God.
5 Against Trusting more in other Things, and fixing too much on Earthly Dependances.
6. For Patience,

1. In easy endurance.
2. In not envying the Success of the wicked in Compassing unrighteous Devices.

7. For Prayers and unwearied Devotion under Persecutions.
8. For Diligent Attendance on Publick Assemblies.
9. For Godly Prudence and Caution. And for Integrity therewith.
10. For Patience and Charity towards Persecutors. Particular Prayers for Patience towards them. And for Charity. And against evil Surmises, and for Candor in Censuring either our Pers. or those who fall in Persecution.

11. For Grace under them, to carry on amendment of ourselves, not impatience against others.

12. For Charity to the Persec.
13. For Deliverance from Persecutions, after one is wearied therewith.
14. Intercessions for others in Persecutions, to be used in any time, or for any Place or Persons, whose case requires or stands in need thereof;

1. for Persecutors.
2. for the Persecuted.
3. for a Kingdom.
4. for the Church

1. A general Prayer for things needful to the same in that condition. A Collect out of the

2. Particular Prayers,

1. For its Purity and Integrity.
2. For cure of Schisms, and for Graces in divided Times.
3. For the Bishops and Clergy, under Persecutions.
4. For both Clergy and People.
5. For the Church's defence, and Deliverance from Persecutions.

15. A Thanksgiving for any comfortable Cessation, or for Rest and Ease from Persecution.

The Office for Prisoners for Righteousness.

Collections of Scriptures for Prisoners for Righteousness.
An Hymn of Thanksgiving, for Deliverance upon a Trial, or out of Prison.


1. A General Prayer for all Prisoners.

2. Particular Prayers of the Prisoner, who at any Time, or in any Place, is in Custody for any points of Truth or Righteousness,

1. For his Family.
2. For himself,

1. For Deliverance from Enemies and Prosecutors
2. From False and Faithless Friends, when they are brought in to accuse him for the same.
3. For Graces under his Sufferings and Prosecutions.
4. For a mind raised above Earthly Things.
5. For Peace with God, and a quiet Conscience.
6. For Graces needful for him at his Trial.
7. A short Prayer on receiving the Sentence of Condemnation. A long upon the same.
8. A Prayer for dying without Fear.
9. Short Prayers in his last Extremities.
10. A Thanksgiving for Deliverance on his Trial, or on his being set at Liberty

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