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A Companion for the Persecuted
Or, An Office for Those Who Suffer for Righteousness

Containing Particular Prayers and Devotions, for Particular Graces, and for their Private or Publick Wants and Occasions.

By John Kettlewell

No place: no publisher, 1693.

An Office for Prisoners for Righteousness.


Psal. 7.
Act. 5. from v. 18.
Mat. 10.
Psal. 10.
Act. 16. from v. 18.
1 Pet. 4. from v. 12.


YE shall be Betrayed, both by Parents and Brethren, and Kinsfolk and Friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to Death.

And they shall lay Hands on you, and deliver you up into Prisons, and ye shall be brought before Kings and Rulers for my Name's sake.

And it shall turn to you for a Testimony.

But there shall not an Hair of your Head perish.

In your Patience possess ye your Souls,

And Meditate not before, what ye shall answer. But settle in your Hearts, that I will give you a Mouth and Wisdom which all your Adversaries shall not be able to gain say, or resist, Luk. 21. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

Precious in the Sight of the Lord, is the Death of his Saints, Ps. 116. 15.

What mean ye to weep, and to break mine Heart? For I am ready not to be bound only, but to die at Jerusalem, for the Name of the Lord Jesus, Act. 21. 13.

He that loveth his Life shall lose it; and he that hateth his Life in this World, shall keep it unto Life Eternal, Joh. 12. 25.


THE Lord heareth the poor, and despiseth not his Prisoners, Psal. 69. 33.

Deliver me from my Persecutors, for they are stronger than I. Bring my Soul out of Prison, that I may praise thy Name, Psal. 142. 6, 7.

Deliver me, O! Lord, from the evil man, preserve me from the Men of Violence.

Keep me, O! Lord, from the Hands of the Wicked, who have proposed to overthrow my Goings.

For the Proud have hid a Snare for me, and Cords; they have spread a Net by the way-side, they have set Gins for me.

They have sharpened their Tongues like a Serpent, Adder's Poison is under their Lips, Psal. 140. 1, 3, 4, 5.

In the work of the Gospel, I suffer trouble as an evil Doer, even unto Bonds; but the word of God is not bound, 2 Tim. 2. 9.

For many of the Brethren in the Lord, waxing confident by my Bonds, are much more bold to speak the word without Fear. Phil. 1. 14.


Remember my Bonds, Col. 4. 18.

Remember those that are in Bonds, as bound with them, Heb. 13. 3.

Ye had compassion on me in my Bonds, and took joyfully the spoiling of your Goods, whilst ye became Companions of those, that were made a gazing-Stock by Reproaches and Afflictions, Heb. 10. 33, 34.

I would have retained Onesimus with me, that in thy stead he might have ministered to me in the Bonds of the Gospel, Philem. 13.

Be not thou ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord, nor of me his Prisoner; but be thou partaker of the Afflictions of the Gospel, according to the Power of God, 2 Tim. 1. 8.

Both in my Bonds, and in the Confirmation and Defence of the Gospel, ye are all Partakers of my Grace, Phil. 1. 7.

I was in Prison, and ye came unto me. In as much as ye have done it to one of the least of these my Brethren, ye have done it unto me, Mat. 25. 36, 40.

4. An Hymn of Thanksgiving, for Deliverance upon a Trial, or out of Prison.

IF it had not been the Lord, who was on my side, when Men rose up against me.

Then they had swallowed me up quick, when their Wrath was kindled against me.

Then the proud Waters had gone over my Soul, Psal. 124. 2, 3, 5.

The Sorrows of Death compassed me, and the Floods of ungodly Men made me afraid, Psal. 18. 4.

They compassed me about like Bees, they thrust sore at me, that I might fall; but the Lord helped me, Psal. 118. 12, 13.

And I had the Sentence of Death in myself, that I should not trust in myself, but in God which raiseth the Dead, 2 Cor. 1. 9.

But blessed be the Lord, who hath not given me as a Prey unto their Death.

My Soul is escaped, as a Bird out of the Snare of the Fowler; the Snare is broken, and I have escaped, Ps. 124. 6 7.

He sent down his Hand from above, and delivered me out of the great Waters, from the Hands of strange Children.

Whose Mouth speaketh Vanity, and their Right Hand is a Right Hand of Falshood, Ps. 144. 7, 8.

He delivered me from my strong Enemy, and from them which hated me; for they were too strong for me.

He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me, Psal. 18. 17, 19.

The Lord is my Strength, and my Song, and is become my Salvation.

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear what Man can do unto me.

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord, Psal. 118. 6, 14, 17.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, World without end. Amen.

This Doxology may likewise be used at the end of the several proceeding Collections of Scriptures, in this Office for Prisoners for Righteousness, as also at the end of the several Collections of Scripture, in the former Office for those, who suffer for Righteousness; when these Collections are read, not only for Instruction, but Devotionally, as Hymns to God.


1. A General Prayer for all Prisoners.

O! Almighty and Everlasting God, thou seest the Straights and Sorrows which I endure in this place, and how unable I am to help myself, or to bring about my own Deliverance. But the less Hope and Support I have in myself, the more I look up unto thee, and place my Trust in thy Mercy. And when my own care can avail the least, let thine, O! thou blessed Helper of the Helpless, appear the most for me.

Give me a Body, O! my God, fit to bear the Inconveniences of this close place, and Grace to be content therewith: Whilst I lie up here, let me not want necessary Provisions, nor repine at the meanness thereof. Suit the lowness of my Desires, to the hardship of my Circumstances, and let the greatness of my study and care be, to do Justice, and shew Temperance and Self-denials not to please myself, or to gratify my own Carnal Ease and Appetites.

Whilst I am here kept apart from my former acquaintance, Grant, O! Lord, that I may carefully retire into myself, and call mine own ways to remembrance. And, Oh! that I may amend whatsoever is amiss there, and set all so straight with thee, that I may delight to look into my own Heart, and to search out my own Spirit. Lord! now thou hast left me nothing else to do, make me apply myself wholly to the one thing necessary. To grow in Holy Reverence, and Devotion of Spirit, in the study of dealing justly, and fairly, with all who are any way concerned with me; in Humility and mortified Affections, in Patience and Contentedness. Oh! plant and fill my Soul, with all Heavenly Virtues, and make bright all the cloudy and dark parts thereof, with the Rays of thy divine Image. And then, O! my God, I shall see something of thee, as oft as I look into myself, and learn to be pleased with my own Company, though others are kept from me.

And in whatsoever want I am of other Comforts, grant, O! Father of Mercies, that both here, and ever hereafter, I may have the Comfort of thy Presence. When all else are taken from me, do not thou forsake me. Though I dwell in a disconsolate Room, let thy Spirit dwell with me. Let thy Law at all times direct me, and let the Sense of thy Love comfort me. And after thou hast Graciously improved this Melancholy Restraint, to wean me from vain and carnal Delight, and to set my Soul free in thy good time. O! my refuge and strength, deliver me out of this Prison, and set my Body too at Liberty, for my dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

The Prisoner for Righteousness may use the preceding Prayers, for Integrity, for Constancy in persecuted Duties, for Faith, for Trust in God, for Patience, for Charity towards Persecutors, &c. in the foregoing Office for Sufferers for Righteousness, as he sees cause.

And for more particular Circumstances and needs, of such as are Prisoners for the same, they may express the Devotion of their Spirit in these Prayers following:

2. Particular Prayers.

1. A Prayer for the Prisoner for any part of Truth or Righteousness, to use in his Family.

O! Father of Mercies, who takest the Poor and Helpless, under thine own more immediate and especial care, when thou takest those from them, whose part it is under thee to take care of them; shew the Riches of thy Grace and Loving-kindness; I humbly entreat thee, to my Dear Wife and Children. Guide them always by thy Holy Spirit, and watch over them with an indulgent providence. [Keep them obedient to Council, and continue them under the Blessing of her care.) Preserve them from Want, and protect them from Danger, and make them a mutual Comfort, and Support to each other. And in the midst of all my Troubles, continue (both her and) them a constant Comfort and Refreshment to me thy poor unworthy Servant.

And let me not, O! Gracious God, make them unhappy. Or, if we suffer in common, for standing off from prevailing Violence, and because we will not concur, or stake in with the wicked Actings of an unrighteous Generation; let none of us repine at such Sufferings, but look upon them as Afflictions, that are willing to be embraced; yea, rather Triumphantly to be rejoiced in. I humbly desire, O! Father, that may all trust thee with ourselves, and cheerfully rest upon thy Faithfulness, to make up to us any Losses, which shall befall us on such accounts. Thy good Providence is a great and blessed portion in such cases, as, praised be thy Name, thy Saints have found in all times, by joyful Experience. And to that good Providence, O! my God, do I trust. It shall always be my Hope and Confidence; and oh! that as it is the truest Blessing, so it may ever be the happy portion, both of me and mine, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

2. Prayers for the Prisoner for Truth or Righteousness, to use for himself.

1. A Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies and Prosecutors, when at any time, or any where, he is put in Prison, for any Parts of Truth, or Righteousness.

O! Merciful God, who art the Helper of the Helpless, and a Refuge for the oppressed in the Day of their Troubles; be thou my Fortress and Help against my Persecutors.

They are mine Enemies, O! Lord, for thy sake; and therefore set themselves thus violently against me, because they cannot drive me to leave thee. And I have no visible way left to appease their Hatred, because I dare not forsake a just Cause, or go along with them in speaking and acting against that which is right. And these mine Enemies are many, and Mighty; and they persecute me violently, and have laid a Trap for my Soul, and there is none to help me.

But though I can neither appease their Hatred, nor withstand it; yet thou, O! Lord, canst alter it at thy Pleasure; or, if they persist therein, thou canst disappoint them. And to thee do I flee, and look for Succour. Help me therefore, O! my God, for in thee do I trust. Help thou me, for I have none else to help me, for Deceitful are the Promises, and vain is the help of Men. Make haste to help me, for Trouble is hard at Hand. Turn the Hearts of mine Enemies, for seeking my Life; or, if they will persevere therein, bring to nought their evil Purposes. Forgive them, Gracious Father, and bring not them into such a Pit, as they have digged for me. But Preserve me from falling into it, and from being lost in the Depth thereof, for my dearest Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

2. A Prayer for Deliverance, from Frail and Faithless Friends, when they are brought in at such Times, to accuse him for the same.

YEA, O! Gracious Father, not only the Envy and Malice of mine Enemies, but the weakness of my own familiar Friends is made use of to destroy me. And a violent Temptation is laid before them, to compass their own Safety, by joining to compass my Fall.

But the Hearts of all Men, O! Almighty Lord, are in thine Hand. Thou canst at thy Pleasure fortify the fearful, and fix the wavering, and unresolved Spirit; and give Fidelity, Honour, and Conscience, such Power with them, as shall prevail over their corrupt Fears, and worldly Interests. Thou canst as easily strengthen the weakness of my Friends, and keep them from Breach of Confidence, from all Faithless, or strained and false Accusations; as thou canst turn, or defeat the Malice of my Foes. And to thee, O! merciful Father, do I trust, that neither my Foes shall have their Wills, in working of my Ruin; nor the weakness of my Friends shall carry them against their Wills, to do the same.

And oh! as thou art my Confidence, so let me be thy Care. Keep me safe here under thy custody, and receive me at last to thine Everlasting Mercy, for thy blessed Son, and my only Saviour Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

3. A Prayer for Graces at such times, under his Sufferings and Persecutions for any ways of Truth and Righteousness.

IN the mean time, O! Righteous Lord, whatsoever thou hast appointed for me in this Trial, I am content to bear it. And give me Strength and Ability to bear it; yea, though it proceed to Blood. I resign myself up to thy good pleasure therein. I humbly and meekly submit to it, as it is thy doing, and as it is infinitely my Deserving, and own thy Judgment upon me for my Sins, to be most Just and Righteous therein. But then, Holy Father, I most earnestly entreat thee, that I may have all my Punishment in this World, but rest with thee in thy Heavenly Kingdom.

Yea, as my Trial is a Suffering for thy Righteousness, I thankfully receive it at thine Hand. But then, O! my God, whilst I am tried for thee, do thou shew forth thy Power, and the abundance of thy Grace in me. Grant me a Serene Patience, calmly to bear my Sufferings, and contentedly and quietly to wait the end thereof. Give me Courage and constant Presence of Mind, to behave myself undauntedly; and Prudence, to act and answer in all things, wisely, and becomingly. Give me Faith in thy power and promises, to hold on without Fainting, in sure Expectation of thy Succors; and to endure all without weariness, in Confidence of thy joyful and eternal Recompenses. Fill me with an inflexible Integrity, and Constancy in my Duty, that I may not waver therein at any time, much less fall from it, or from any Precepts thereof, to rid myself out of my own great Troubles, or to bring any desired Events to pass. Yea, fill me with such Constancy in thy ways, as will not suffer me, how long soever the Rod of the Unrighteous rests upon me, to put forth my Hand unto Iniquity. And give me Charity after thine own Example, O! blessed Jesu, freely to forgive my Malicious Enemies, or Frail and Faithless Friends, and heartily to pray for them, though they continue to persecute me. Whilst thou keepest on my Trials, deny me not these Graces, O! merciful Lord, nor any others, which thou seest needful for me, that I may acquit myself well and acceptably under the same, for our Lord Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

4. A Prayer for a Mind raised above Earthly Things.

O! Father of Mercies, raise my Mind by these Afflictions, above the Love of all Earthly Things. Yea, even of those things, which I have lavishly spent most time upon, and have been the most inordinately fond of. I see now, and make me daily to see it more and more, how vain and unprofitable they are when the evil day comes. And oh! what I may learn thereby, and learn it perfectly, to fix mine Eyes and Heart on thee, who hast deserved more of me infinitely than I can express to thee; and who canst always help and comfort me; and wilt never leave me, especially not then, when I am driven to thee for Succour, and find the greatest Need to have thee stand by me.

Make my Duty, good Lord, to become my Delight; and Heavenly things, my Treasure. For they are Comforts in Distress; stable Comforts, that will accompany us to the Block, or the Grave, and beyond them; and will not fail to make us infinitely, and for ever happy in thy Presence. Which Grant, O! Heavenly Father, to me a wretched Sinner, for the sake of my dearest Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

5. A Prayer for Peace with God, and a quiet Conscience.

Above all, O! blessed Lord, let me have the Comforts of thy holy Spirit, and a clear and quiet Conscience, to support me under all these hard Trials. Shew me all my Sins, and give me Grace entirely to repent of them, and to be perfectly set against the same. But assure me at the same time, of thy Mercies towards all true penitent Sinners; and make me see, O! Gracious Father, that for Christ's sake, thou art not only willing, but desirous and joyful to receive them, yea, to run out, and meet them, as the tender Father did the Returning Prodigal.

And as for my Sins, O! God, though with the Prodigal, I have gone far, and have lost myself in evil ways; yet by thy Grace, I am come also with him heartily to return from mine Offences. I am weary of my Sins, and am earnestly desirous to forsake them. Though I have been lamentably careless in times past; yet now my sincere desire, and full purpose is, to shew a Godly care, and diligent endeavour against the same, for the time to come. And I humbly depend upon thy Grace, and trust to thy precious promises thereof, to perfect and give strength to my sincere Endeavours.

Look upon me therefore, O! Father, and give me the Comfort to look upon myself, as one, who, though he has been an offending, is now become a Returning Son. Lot not my Sins rise up against me, after once I have truly repented of them. Let them not be able to provoke thy wrath, or to trouble my Conscience. But make me know, that however offensive I was in the ways of my Wickedness, through the Blood of thy Son, I am acceptable to thee in the ways of my Repentance. And that my Sins, however provoking, whilst I lay in them; give thee no more provocation, after once I return from them. Yea, though great and strong in themselves, yet, that after true Repentance, they are not too great for my Saviour's Merits, or for thy Mercies; not too grievous for thy Goodness to forgive, or too strong for thy Grace to cure.

I am ready, O! my God, to return to thy Laws, not only in doing what they call for, but, if thy Will be so, in suffering for the same, Yea, if thou callest me to it, I desire not to leave the way of Righteousness for any hazards, but to suffer for it, even unto Blood. And though I know, O! Righteous Lord, that it is not enough to die a Martyr for one precept, if I allow myself at the same time, to live a known Transgressor of others. Yet give me the Comfort to look on Martyrdom, as a sort of Baptism, as thou, blessed Jesu, wast pleased to style it, when thou spakest of thine own; and, like it, to purge and wash away our Sins, if at the same time, when we are suffering for one Duty, we are inwardly resolved and prepared in Heart, to observe all.

Lord, in the midst of my worldly Troubles, let me have Peace with thee, and with mine own Conscience. And whilst thy Comforts do refresh my Soul, by thy Grace strengthening me, I shall better bear any other Misery, which thou shalt give my Enemies leave to inflict upon my Body, and persevere faithfully to serve, and patiently to suffer for thee, till thou shalt Graciously take me out of their Hands, to thine Everlasting Rest and Mercy, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

6. A Prayer for Graces needful for him at the Trial, when he is to be judged for his Steadfastness to Gods Truth or Righteousness.

O! Blessed Lord, if by thy wise ordering, whereto I meekly submit, I shall be carried from the place of Custody to the place of Trial, or of further Examination; do thou vouchsafe to go along with me. When I am questioned, teach me what I shall say, that I may answer so honestly, as not to offend or dishonour thee; and so prudently, as not to prejudice myself, nor bring Trouble on any other Righteous Persons, for their bearing a good Affection to Righteous Things. Give me presence of mind, and clearness of Spirit, in appearing before all Tribunals; and wisdom and readiness in answering all Questions. Let my Carriage be without Fear, or Confusion, or any evil or insincere Arts, in all things acceptable unto thee, and becoming my Person and Condition.

Suffer me not to be made a Sacrifice, by the Fears or Forgetfulness, the misrepresentations, or false Accusations of Witnesses; nor by the Fetches and false colours, of Council; nor by the partiality, or misguided Zeal of Judges and Juries. Or, if thou hast otherwise determined, and I must fall; enable me, Good Lord, to bear thy Will. And though my Blood, which is shed in this Cause, be vile in the sight of Men; let it be acceptable, and of a sweet smell in thy Sight, for my Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

7. Prayers after Sentence of Condemnation is past upon him, for his Steadfastness to the same.


THE Cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it, Joh. 18. 11.

Not my Will, O! my God, but thine be done, Luke 22. 42.

Lord, I thank thee, for counting me worthy to receive this Sentence for the sake of thy Righteousness.

Lord! lay not this Sin to their Charge, Acts 7. 60.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Luk. 23. 34.

A short Prayer upon his receiving the Sentence.

Lord! I meekly submit to this heavy Sentence; yea, I thank thee for it, and Glory in this shame, since it comes upon me for my Love unto thy ways.

And I humbly pray thee, to look upon their Ignorance, for their excuse; than upon their Blood-Guiltiness, for their punishment. If they understood the ways of thy Righteousness, they would not shed my Blood for keeping steadfast to the same. But now they think, alas! to serve and please thee, by slaying me. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. And bring them timely to see their Errors, and thoroughly to repent thereof. That they, who now in their misguided Zeal for thee are my Enemies; may yet however at length be Loving and Happy Sharers with me of thine Everlasting Mercies, through the Merits of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

A Longer Prayer afterwards.

O! Righteous Lord, since thou art pleased to call me, to give Testimony to thy Righteousness with my Blood, I am content to do it. Yea, I thank thee, O! Father, that thou hast counted me worthy, to lay down my Life for thy sake: But as thou triest me to the utmost, so strengthen me to the utmost, I most humbly beseech thee, that in this highest, and last Service, I may shew steadfast Faith in thee, and Charity towards my Persecutors, and meet my Death with that constancy and devout Cheerfulness, which befits one who is passing through the Red Sea, to the Heavenly Canaan, and laying down his Life for thy Cause.

Though I stand Condemned, and vilified among Men, for this adherence to thy ways; yet I humbly hope, that thou, O! my God, wilt acquit, and lovingly accept me. And if I have thy Approbation, my Heart shall rejoice therein, and account it enough for me, whatever the World thinks of me. Shew them their Error, and our Uprightness, O! Lord, in standing firm to these points, for which we suffer. But if we cannot satisfy them, that the way for which they persecute our Souls, is Innocent and Holy; let it however satisfy us, that so it is, and that so it will be found and declared by thee, before all thine elect Angels, when thou shalt appear in thy dreadful Majesty, to pass Sentence, both upon our way and theirs.

And to the clearing of that Day, and the Trial of thy Righteous Tribunal, do we humbly commit our Cause and Sufferings. Where our Hope is, that thou, Blessed Jesu, wilt Graciously own and receive both, though they disdainfully reject them. And that thou, Righteous Father, for Jesus sake, wilt both pardon the real Guilt of our other Sins; and openly clear us of the fancied Guilt of these ways, wherewith our Persecutors do falsely asperes thy Truths, and Reproach us. Which grant, O! merciful Lord, that we may all comfortably expect in our Lives, and comfortably find at our Deaths, for thy dear Son, and our only Saviour, Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

After this, he may at any time use such of the Prayers as he likes best, in the preceding Office for Sufferers for Righteousness, to exercise and strengthen his Faith, his Patience, his Charity, or other Graces, proper for his Circumstances; or to assist him in making Intercessions for others.

8. A Prayer for Dying without Fear.

O! Almighty, and most merciful Father, perfect thy Strength in my Weakness, and support thy Frail, and most unworthy Servant, in this last and greatest Service, which I have now to pay thee, of laying down my Life, and leaving all that is dear unto me in this World, for thy Cause.

Oh! let not me dishonour the Cause and Truths, for which I suffer, by shewing any misbecoming Fears, or unwillingness to suffer. 'Tis not my mistrust of the Righteousness of this Cause, O! my God; but the Conscience of my other Sins, and of the common Errors of my Life, from the Rule of thy Holy Commandments, which makes me at all afraid to appear at thy Righteous Bar. But cleanse thou me from all my Sins, by the Blood of my dearest Lord, and then I may meet Death with an humble Confidence, and Triumph over it.

I know, O! blessed Lord, that when Sin and Guilt, which are the Sting of Death, are taken out; there is still an aversion in Nature, which is common to us all, against this Change, and which found place in our Blessed Lord himself. But let the Influences of thy Grace, though not wholly purge off this averseness, yet subdue and over rule it in my Spirit. Possess my Mind more with the Righteousness of the Cause, for which I dye, and with the Blessedness of coming to live with thee for ever after I am dead; than with the pains of Death itself. And whatever Terror it would otherwise strike into me, let it arm my Spirit, and sweeten all, to think that I die for thee, and that I die to be received into thine Eternal Mercy.

Lord! perfect and accept my Repentance, and pardon all my Sins, and give me Patience, and Presence of Mind to the last. Let me die like a Christian, with Faith and Charity, willingly giving up my Life for a Testimony to thy ways, and pouring out my Soul in Devotion towards thee, and in Prayers for my persecutors; till from my Body, it shall pass into the Arms of thy Mercy, and there be comfortably received by thee, through the Merits and Mediation of my only Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.

9. Short Prayers for the Condemned Prisoner for Righteousness, in his last Extremities, or at other times, as he sees cause.


O! Merciful Father, I throw myself upon thy Mercy, and most undeserved Favour, as a poor wretched Sinner. I infinitely need it, and most earnestly desire it. And I humbly hope for the same, to pardon all the Sins and Follies of my Life, and to accept this Offering of my Death, through the abundance of thy Grace, and through the sole Merits and Mediation of my blessed Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.


Lord! now the World is casting of me off, I seek to thee to take me in. Do not thou reject me when they do, for I am thy Servant. Receive me, for I am coming to thee, Receive me, for thou callest me.

Receive me lovingly, O! my dear God, for I dearly love thee, and am forsaking all to enjoy thee. I have nothing dearer to me in this World, than my Life; and that I am now making thee an humble Present of, and parting with it for thy Cause.

And in this Oblation of myself, be thou pleased, O! blessed Jesu, first to wash me with thy Blood, and to dress me with the Graces of thy Spirit, that I may be an holy and acceptable Offering. And then do thou vouchsafe, O! Holy Father, Graciously to accept the same, for thy dearest Son, and my dearest Saviour Jesus Christ's sake, Amen.


O! Jesu, forgive me all my Sins, and forgive all my Persecutors, and grant them timely and true Repentance. Now I am suffering for thy Cause let me be sure of thy Support and Assistance. Now I am brought to die for the ways of thy Righteousness, let them have Honour and Service by my Death. Make it to work Godly Zeal and Steadfastness in thy Followers, and Relenting and remorse in their Persecutors, and to carry me to those most joyful and happy Mansions, which thou hast prepared for all those, who faithfully serve and suffer for thee, in thy Fathers Kingdom. Amen.

10. A Thanksgiving for Deliverance, when he is brought upon his Trial for the Cause of Righteousness, or for his being set at Liberty.

Blessed be thy Name, O! Almighty Father, who hast delivered me out of the Hands of those who sought my Life, and hast set my Feet in a large Room. Thou hast delivered the poor from him that was too strong for him. Thou hast delivered him, who served thee, and counted not his own Life so dear to him, as the shewing his Love and Fidelity unto thy Laws. Thou hast delivered him, because he loved thy Name, and put his whole Trust in thee.

Lord! I will be glad, and rejoice in thy Salvation. I will ever praise thy Love and Goodness, which is abundant in kindness and Succors, towards those who fear thee, and are ready to expose their own Persons in thy Cause. I will ever magnify thy Faithfulness, which hath not suffered thy Care of me to slacken, nor thy sure word and promises to fail: And I will ever Reverently and Thankfully adore thy Wisdom, and Power, and Justice, which turn the Councils of the Wicked into Foolishness, and take the crafty in their own Snares; which crown thy Servants Heads with Joy and Glory, but cover their Enemies with Grief and Shame; which shew plainly unto all who are willing to see the same, that it is extreme folly to fight against thee, and that they are in the sure way of Safety and Happiness, who make thee their Strength, and place their chiefest Security and advantage in thy good providence and gracious Promises, and in keeping steadfast to thy ways.

And let all those that love thee, O! Lord, rejoice and be glad in thee. Make them Triumph in thy Righteousness, and trust themselves to thy Care. But put thine Enemies and mine in fear, that they may sin no more. And bring them to repent of their persecuting thee and thy Servants, that they may not be brought to suffer for the same in the Day of Vengeance. And keep me ever mindful, O! blessed Father, of this most merciful Deliverance, that I may spend all the Days of that Life, which thou hast now renewed to me, in thy Service; and learn thereby evermore to trust thee, yea, though the Pit be ready to shut her Mouth upon me; and to place my chiefest comfort and safety, in keeping steadfast to thy Laws, which will be sure either to make my Sufferings end here in present Deliverance, or to, recompense them hereafter with unspeakable and everlasting Joys, through the Merits and Mediation of my only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

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