Project Canterbury

A Roman Diary
And Other Documents relating to the Papal Inquiry into English Ordinations

By T.A. Lacey

New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1910.


I. Introduction

II. A Roman Diary

III. Letters

IV. Mr. Gladstone's Memorandum

V. The Royal Mandate for Barlow's Consecration

i. Memorandum Delivered to Cardinal Mazzella

ii. Letters to the Editor of the Tablet

VI. Julius III and Paul IV.

i. Paul IV and Anglican Orders

ii. Cardinal Pole's Description of the English Ordinal

VII. The Council of Mainz, A.D. 1549

VIII. The Pamphlet De Re Anglicana and its Critics

i. De Re Anglicana

ii. Risposta all'Opusculo De Re Anglicana

iii. The Risposta Examined

IX. The Sources of the Bull Apostolicae Curae

i. Examination of the Bull

ii. The Gordon Decision

X. The Theology of the Bull Apostolicae Curae

XI. The Interpretation of the English Ordinal

XII. Gregory IX and Greek Ordinations


I. Sanctissimi Domini Nostri Leonis divina providentia Papae XII Litterae Apostolicae de Ordinationibus Anglicanis

II. Responsio Archiepiscoporum Angliae ad Litteras Apostolicas Leonis Papae XII de Ordinationibus Anglicanis

III. Responsio Leonis XIII ad Archiepiscopos Angliae

IV. Bibliography

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