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The Life and Work of the Most Reverend John Medley, D.D.,
First Bishop of Fredericton and Metropolitan of Canada

By William Quintard Ketchum
Rector of St. Andrews, N.B.

Saint John, N.B.: McMillan, 1893.


Chapter I. Native and French Population--Arrival of the Loyalists

Chapter II. New Brunswick set apart from Nova Scotia--An Archdeaconry

Chapter III. Archdeacon Coster--Origin of the Diocesan Church Society

Chapter IV. Death of Archdeacon Coster--His Character--His Brothers

Chapter V. Earnest Desire for a Bishop--The Colonial Bishopric Fund--Diocese of Fredericton Endowed

Chapter VI. Rev. John Medley, D. D., Consecrated the First Bishop of Fredericton--His Boyhood--Scholar and Student--Presentation on leaving England, and Farewell Addresses--Early Years of his Ministry

Chapter VII. The Bishop's arrival at Fredericton--Change from Former Life--Feelings of Distrust Manifested--Laying the Foundation Stone of the Cathedral

Chapter VIII. St. Anne's Chapel--Laying Foundation Stone--Consecration of Chapel--Bishop's Sermon

Chapter IX. First Visitation of the Diocese--Notes of Visitation Tour in 1846

Chapter X. Report to S.P.G.--Extracts from Primary Charge--Visit to England in 1848--Visitation of Clergy in 1850--Address of the Clergy, and Bishop's Reply--Appointment of Rural Deans

Chapter XI. The Work of the Diocesan Church Society--Notes from Annals of the Diocese--Consecration of the Cathedral

Chapter XII. The Bishop's Teaching and Example--Marked Characteristics--Illustrations--Essay on "Good Taste"--Confirmation Tour in 1857--Extracts from Annals of the Diocese

Chapter XIII. Diocesan and Provincial Synods--Bishop chosen Metropolitan--Extracts from Addresses to the Provincial Synod--Presentation of Crozier--Address and Reply

Chapter XIV. Extracts from the Bishop's Triennial Charges to Clergy, 1871-1877--Calamitous Fire in St. John--Bishop's Sermon

Chapter XV. Intercourse with the Church in the United States--Extracts from Sermons--Notes from the Annals

Chapter XVI. Sermons preached in England--Lambeth Conference--Episcopal Ring--Address and Reply--Notes from the Annals

Chapter XVII. Nomination, Election and Consecration of the Bishop Coadjutor

Chapter XVIII. Parish of St. Paul and the Mission Chapel--Fortieth Year of the Bishop's Episcopate--Attendance at the Third Lambeth Conference

Chapter XIX. Illness and Death of Rev. Canon Medley--The Bishop and the late Rev. George M. Armstrong

Chapter XX. Sermon on Mission of the Comforter--Extracts from recent Charges to the Clergy--Last Charge

Chapter XXI. Failing Strength--Instances of Kindness to those in Affliction--Last Attendance at the Synod--Last Sermon

Chapter XXII. Private Letters--Last Extract from the Annals--Pastoral Letter--
Notes by Mrs. Medley--Illness and Death

Chapter XXIII. Extracts from Letters to Mrs. Medley--Notices in the Press--Resolutions--Letters from Rev. Canon Brigstocke, D. D., and from Rev. Canon Neales, M. A.--Extracts from Memorial Sermons

Chapter XXIV. Letters from the Presiding Bishop of the American Church, Bishop of Maine, Bishop of Albany, Causten Browne, Esq. (Boston, Mass.), the Bishop of Niagara, Colonel Maunsell, Colonel Ewing (Taunton, Eng.), Rev. F. Alexander, Lady Tilley, G. E. Fenety, Mrs. Robinson-Owen (Belfleld, South Wales)--Conclusion

Project Canterbury