CSCA: Source Documents in Anglican Missions in Southeast Asia

Compiled by Michael Nai Chiu Poon, Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

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Time Line of the Anglican in Myanmar Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)1825-2001 (by Bishop Stephen Myint Oo Than)

Indian Contribution towards the Founding of Saint Andrew's Church, Singapore

A Historical Note on William Topley Humphrey: Insight into the Beginnings of Saint Andrew's Mission in Singapore (by Michael Poon)

William Topley Humphrey's Letter to Church Missionary Society Madras Committee, 1 September 1841

A Guide to the Archives of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in the Foreign Parts in Trinity Theological College (on SPG Mission in Borneo)

Guide to the Microfilm: History of Saint George's Church, Penang

Extracts from Charles Burton Buckley, An Anecdotal History of Old Times in Singapore from the Foundation of the Settlement under the Honourable the East India Company on February 6th, 1819 to the Transfer to the Colonial office as Part of the Colonial Possessions of the Crown on April 1st, 1867. 2 Volumes. Singapore: Fraser and Neave Ltd., 1902. :Saint Andrew's Church | Anglican Missions

Saint Andrew's Church Mission Reports: 1864*, 1881, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1856-1887* (* very important)

Charlotte E Ferguson-Davie, In Rubber Lands: An Account of the Work of the Church in Malaya (Westminster: USPG, 1921). Chapter V: The Work of Medical Mission and Appendix I on Pamphlet appeal on St Andrew's Hospital (Singapore) for Women and Children

Frank G Swindell, A Short History of S. Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore (Singapore: The Malaya Tribune Press, 1929)

Henry August Wittenbach (Church Missionary Society), Report on the Diocese of Singapore 1953-1954, with an Introduction by Michael Poon

M Orsler, History of the Province Wellesley Mission Institution (Penang: Georgetown Printers Ltd, 1957?) with an Introductory Note by Michael Poon

Autobiography of Bishop Luke Chhoa

[Chhoa Heng Sze, 1925-2000] -- Third Bishop of Sabah, 1972-1990 (in Chinese) (reproduced by permission of Mrs Luke Chhoa)