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Anglicanism in Sierra Leone

Owen Emeric Vidal, First Bishop of Sierra Leone

Memoir of the Late Rev. William Garnon, First Chaplain of the Colony of Sierra Leone.
From Missionary Register for MDCCCXIX
London: L.B. Seeley, 1819, pages 237-242 (June 1819) and pages 285-295 (July 1819).

Narrative of Events in the Life of a Liberated Negro, Now a Church Missionary Catechist in Sierra Leone.
From The Missionary Register for MCCCCXXXVII (October, 1837)
London: L. & G. Seeley, 1837, pages 433-440.

Africa's Mountain Valley; or The Church in Regent's Town, West Africa.
Maria Louisa Charlesworth.

London: Seeley, 1857. [External link]

Memorials of John Bowen, Late Bishop of Sierra Leone.
London: J. Nisbet, 1862. [External link]

Seven Years in Sierra Leone: The Story of the Work of William A.B. Johnson, Missionary of the Church Missionary Society, from 1816 to 1823 in Regent's Town, Sierra Leone, Africa.
By Arthur Tappan Pierson.
London: J. Nisbet, 1897. [External link]

Early Promoted: A Memoir of the Rev. William Spiller Cox.
London: S. Low, Marston, 1898. [External link]

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