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William Pinkney


Life of the Right Reverend William Pinkney, D.D., LL.D., Fifth Bishop of Maryland.
Washington, DC: Gibson Brothers, 1890. [External link]


The Nation's Truest Shield: A Sermon Preached at Bladensburg, Maryland, on Thanksgiving-day, Thursday, 28 Nov., 1850.
Baltimore: D. Brunner, 1851. [External link]

The Life of William Pinkney, by His Nephew.
New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1853. [External link]

Our Country: A Sermon Preached at Bladensburg, Maryland, on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, 23 November, 1854.
Baltimore: D. Brunner, 1854.

A Discourse Delivered on the National Fast Day, January 4, 1861 in the Church of the Ascension, D.C.
Washington, D.C.: Printed by L. Towers, 1861.

The Road to Rome: A Letter Addressed to the Rev. Clement M. Butler, D.D..
Washington, D.C.: Lemuel Towers, 1861.

A Discourse Commemorative of the Rev. William Christian, Delivered in the Church of the Ascension, Washington, D.C., on the Twelfth of February, 1865.
Washington, D.C: McGill and Witherow, 1865.

Songs for the Seasons, from Advent to Trinity.
New York: Printed by C.A. Alvord, 1865.

Memoir of John H. Alexander, LL. D.
Baltimore: Printed for the Maryland Historical Society by J. Murphy, 1867. [External link]

Ernest Murray, or, A Dream of Life with Sonnets.
New York: R. Rutter, 1869.

A Sermon Delivered at the Institution of the Rev. J. Sebastian B. Hodges, S.T.D. as Rector of St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore, on the 15th of December, 1870.
Baltimore: John Murphy & Co., 1871.

The Childhood of the Church: A Charge Delivered to the Convocation of Washington.
Washington, D.C.: Gibson Brothers, 1874.

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Maryland.
Baltimore: Isaac Friedenwald, 1881.

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