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William Hobart Hare

The Life and Labors of Bishop Hare: Apostle to the Sioux.
By M.A. DeWolfe Howe
New York: Sturgis & Walton Co., 1911.

Niobrara. Sermon Preached at the Consecration of William Hobart Hare, S.T.D., As Missionary Bishop of Niobrara
By Henry B. Whipple, D.D. at St. Luke's Church, Philadelphia on January 9th, 1873.
Philadelphia: M'Calla & Stavely, 1873.

First Annual Report of the Missionary Bishop of Niobrara.
William H. Hare, September 30, 1873.
no place: no publisher, 1873.

Bishop Hare's Address.
Addresses by Bishop W. H. Hare, Mr. Henry Whipple Waumdixum, and the Rev'd S. D. Hinman at the meeting of the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, meeting at the Academy of Music, New York, on October 13, 1874.
From The Church Journal, New York, October 22, 1874, pages 674-675.

"The True Policy towards the Indian Tribes:" Report of a Speech delivered by William H. Hare, Missionary Bishop of Niobrara, Dakota Territory, at a Meeting of the Church Congress held in New York, November, 1877.
Omaha: Herald Steam Book Bindery, 1877.

Reminiscences: An Address Delivered by William Hobart Hare, Missionary Bishop of South Dakota, at the Commemorative of the Fifteenth anniversary of his Consecration
Philadelphia: W.F. Fell, 1888.

A Statement from Bishop Hare concerning the Sioux Indians of Dakota.
Philadelphia: Indian Rights Association, 1890.

An Address Delivered by William H. Hare, Bishop, to a Convocation of Clergy and Laity Held in Trinity Church, Tokio, May 29, 1891.
No place: no publisher, 1891.


An Address delivered by William H. Hare, Bishop, to a Convocation of Clergy and Laity, held in Trinity Church, Tokio, March 26-29, 1892.
Yokohama: R. Meiklejohn, 1892.

Addresses Relating to the Growth of the Church in the Missionary Jurisdiction of South Dakota from June, A.D. 1860 to June, A.D. 1898. 
Mitchell, South Dakota: Mitchell Printing Co., 1898.

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