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William Alexander Guerry


Compiled by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown
Retired Bishop of the Diocese of Malaita

A 20th Century Prophet, Being the Life and Thought of William Alexander Guerry, Eighth Bishop of South Carolina.
Edited by Edward B. Guerry.
Sewanee, Tennessee: University Press, 1976.

Jowett’s College Sermons.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 4(1), January, 1996, pp. 246-251. [External link]

Book Review: The Larger Life.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 5(3), October, 1897, pp. 501-504. [External link]

The Bible in a Literary Garb.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 6(1), January, 1998, pp. 117-118. [External link]

Harriet Beecher Stowe.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 6(3), July 1898, pp. 335-344. [External link]

Matthew Arnold and the Bible.
In Matthew Arnold and the Spirit of the Age: Papers of the English Club of Sewanee, edited by Greenough White.
New York and London: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1898. [External link]

The Bible as Literature.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 7(1), January 1899, pp. 83-87. [External link]

Mrs. Oliphant.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 8(1), January, 1900, pp. 64-72. [External link]

The Church as the Educator of the People.
In The Influence of the English Church on Anglo-Saxon Civilization: Being the Lectures Delivered Before the Churchman's League of the District of Columbia in 1903.
New York: E.S. Gorham, 1903. [External link]

The Relation of Morality to Religion.
The Sewanee Review, Vol. 14(2), April 1906, pp. 213-218. [External link]

The Sacramental System: A Lecture Delivered before the Churchman's League of the District of Columbia.
Washington: No publisher, 1908.

Semi-Centennial Sermon: Being an Historical Sketch of Porter Military Academy.
Philadelphia: Elliott, 1917.

The Follow-Up of the Lausanne Conference.
Reprinted from The Living Church.
No place: no publisher, c. 1927.

Baccalaureate Sermon Preached Before the University of North Carolina: Sunday, June 10, 1928.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1928 [Manuscript].

The Virgin Birth.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 19--.

The Philosophy of Infant Baptism, Or, Why We Baptize Infants.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 19--.

Ministry a Sphere for the Whole Man.
New York: Church Mission House, no date.

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