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Thomas Winthrop Coit


Remarks on Mr. Norton's "Statement of Reasons."
Boston: William Pierce, 1834. [External link]

An Inaugural Address Delivered in the Chapel of Morrison College, November 2, 1835
Lexington, Kentucky: Clarke & Co., Printers, 1835.

Puritanism: or, A Churchman's Defense against Its Aspersions, by an Appeal to Its Own History.
New York: D. Appleton & Co.; Philadelphia: G.S. Appleton, 1845. [External link]

Forms of Prayer, or Sameness of Words No Hindrance to Devotion: A Sermon.
New York: Churchman's Bookstore, 1845.

Unity of Causes without Uniformity of Results: The Sermon before the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, at Waterbury, Connecticut, June 10th, 1851.
Waterbury: E.B. Cooke, 1851.

The Standard of Appeal on Doubtful Points, Where the Bible Fails to Produce Unity: A Sermon, Delivered before the Students and Members of Trinity College, in St. John's Church, Hartford, Conn., at Evening Service, Nov. 14, 1852.
Hartford: S. Hamner and Co., 1852.

Exclusiveness: A Lecture for Christmas Eve, Delivered on Monday, December 24, 1855.
Troy, New York: William H. Young, 1856.

Lectures on the Early History of Christianity in England with Sermons Delivered on Several Occasions.
New York: Daniel Dana, 1859. [External link]

Missed for the Residue of One's Years: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Church, Troy, N.Y., December 18, 1860, after the Decease of Jane E. Brinsmade, and Other Parishioners.
Troy, New York: William H. Young, 1861.

The Necessity of Preaching Doctrine: A Sermon, Preached before the First Annual Convention of the Diocese of Albany, Assembled in St. Peter's Church, Albany, September 29, 1869.
Troy, New York: William H. Young & Blake, 1869.

A Sermon, in Reference to the Death of Mrs. Emma Willard.
Troy, New York: William H. Young & Blake, 1870. [External link]

A Lecture on Ecumenical Councils Delivered in St. Paul's Church, Troy, N.Y., on Christmas Eve,
Hartford, Connecticut: The Church Press Co., 1870.

The Figures of the True: A Sermon Preached in Saint Paul's Church, Troy, the Second Sunday after Trinity, A.D. 1880.
Troy, New York, William H. Young, 1880.

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