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Thomas Atkinson


The Sermon at the Consecration of Thomas Frederick Davis, D.D., and Thomas Atkinson, D.D. To the Episcopate.
Preached by Appointment in St. John's Chapel, New-York, On Monday, October 17, 1853.

By John Medley, D.D., Lord Bishop of Fredericton.
Published by Request of the House of Bishops.
New-York: Church Depository, Daniel Dana Jr., 1853.

A Sermon Commemorative of the Late Thomas Atkinson, Bishop of North Carolina, Delivered in Christ Church, Raleigh, before the Convention of North Carolina, May 18, 1881.
By Henry Champlin Lay
New York: James Pott, 1881.

Bishop Atkinson and the Church in the Confederacy.
By Joseph Blount Cheshire.
Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton Print. Co., 1909.

Separation and Reunion of the Episcopal Church, 1861-1865: The Role of Bishop Thomas Atkinson.
By Lockert B. Mason
Wilmington, North Carolina: The Author, 1995.

Authoritative Ministerial Teaching: A Sermon, Preached at the Opening of the Convention of the Diocess of Maryland, May 1844.
Baltimore: D. Brunner, 1844.

National and Ecclesiastical Blessings: A Sermon, Preached in St. Peter's Church, Baltimore, on Thursday, the 12th day of December, being the Thanksgiving Day Recommended to be Observed by the Governor of Maryland.
Baltimore: Published by D. Brunner, John W. Woods, Printer, 1845.

The Progress of the Anglican Church: A Sermon, Preached in St. Peter's Church, Baltimore, on the First Sunday after Trinity, June 22, 1851, in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
Baltimore: D. Brunner, 1851.

Fullness, Necessary to Faithfulness in Dispensing the Gospel.
A Sermon in behalf of the General Protestant Episcopal S.S. Union and Church Book Society, at Its Twenty-Ninth Anniversary, Preached in Calvary Church, New-York, on Sunday Evening, July 1st, 1855.
New-York: General Protestant Episcopal S.S. Union, 1855.

The Old Paths: A Sermon.
Salisbury and Fayetteville, North Carolina: The Convention, Edward J. Hale & Son, 1857.

The Episcopate A Stewardship: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Church, Richmond, Va., at the Consecration of the Rt. Rev. Henry Champlain Lay, D.D., Missionary Bishop of the South-west, on the 18th Sunday after Trinity, October 23, 1859.
Philadelphia: Episcopal Female Tract Society, 1860.

Christian Duty in the Present Time of Trouble: A Sermon Preached at St. James' Church, Wilmington, N.C., on the Fifth Sunday after Easter, 1861.
Wilmington, North Carolina: Fulton & Price, 1861.

The Uses of the Church: A Sermon Preached in the Anglo-American Church at Paris, on the 27th Day of October, being the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity.
London: Rivingtons, 1867.

Free and Open Churches: A Sermon Preached in Holy Trinity Church, Brooklyn, October 11th, 1868, and in Calvary Church, New York City, October 25th, 1868, at the Request of the Free and Open Church Association.
New York: Free and Open Church Association, 1868.

A Charge on the Subject of Sacramental Confession.
Raleigh: Daily News Print, 1874.

A Sermon Commemorative of the Rt. Rev. William Rollinson Whittingham Preached in St. Paul's Church, Baltimore, on Tuesday, December 2nd, and Repeated in the Church of the Epiphany, Washington, D.C., on Wednesday Evening, Dec. 3rd, 1879.
Baltimore: Printed by William K. Boyle, 1879.

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