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Documents related to the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, New York

"I Believe in the Communion of Saints." A Sermon, Preached by the Reverend Morgan Dix, S.T.D., Rector of Trinity Church, New York, in the Church of S. Mary the Virgin, West 45th Street, between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, on Sunday Evening, December 10, 1871.
New York: William Moore, 1873.

Anniversary Sermon.
By Thomas McKee Brown.
New York: William H. Budd, with Charles M. Cornwell, 1876.

The Arrow.
Parish newsletter produced by the Sons of Saint Sebastian, 1891-1899 [External link]

Church of St. Mary the Virgin New York: Memorial of the New Church on the 25th Anniversary of the Parish.
New York: Printed by the Trustees, 1895.

In Memory of the Rev. Thomas McKee Brown, M.A. Pastor Teacher, Priest.
New York: E & J. B. Young and Co., 1899.

The Story of St. Mary's: The Society of the Free Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York City 1868-1931
Edited by Newbury Frost Read
New York: Published for the Board of Trustees, 1931.

Impressions and Opinions: An Autobiography
By J.G.H. Barry, D.D. Rector Emeritus, Church of S. Mary the Virgin, New York.
New York: E.S. Gorham, 1931.

Pray the Mass.
By Grieg Taber.
New York: St. Mary's Press, 1953.

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament with Litanies and Hymns. [PDF]
New York: Edwin S. Gorham, no date.
Digitized by Wayne Kempton, Archivist and Historiographer of the Diocese of New York.

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