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An Address, Delivered in the City of New-Haven, at the Laying of the Corner-stone of Trinity Church, May 17, 1814, together with the Form of Prayer Composed for that Occasion.
New-Haven: Oliver Steele, 1814.

The Unity of the Church: A Sermon, Preached in Trinity Church, New-York, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1816, before the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New-York.
New-York: David Longworth, 1816.

A Discourse on the Religion of the Indian Tribes of North America Delivered before the New-York Historical Society, December 20, 1819.
New York: C. Wiley and Co., 1820. [External link]

A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, Hartford, before the Church Scholarship Society, Wed. eve., August 5th, 1835, and, by request, at an adjourned Meeting of the Society, in Christ Church, Middletown, before the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the diocese of Connecticut, Wed. Eve., October 14th, 1835.
Hartford: no publisher, 1835.

An Address to the Citizens of Hartford, on the Birth-day of Linnæus. May 24th, 1836 in Behalf of the Objects of the Natural History Society, Formed October 8, 1835.
Hartford, Connecticut: Case, Tiffany and Co., 1836. [External link]

Christian Unity Necessary for the Conversion of the World: A Sermon, Preached in St. Thomas's Church, New-York, Sunday Evening, June 26, 1836, before the Bishops, Clergy, and Laity, Constituting the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.
New York: William Osborn, 1837. [PDF, with notes]

The Long Home of Man: A Sermon, Preached in St. Stephen's Church, East Haddam, on Tuesday, the 16th Day of January, 1838, at the Funeral of the Rev. Stephen Beach, Late Rector of that Parish.
New-York: Louis Sherman, Protestant Episcopal Press, 1839. [External link]

The Holy of Holies Seen through the Sanctuary: A Sermon Preached in the Church of All Souls, St. Mary-le-Bone, the First Sunday after Trinity, 9th June, 1844.
London: W.J. Cleaver, 1844.

A Chronological Introduction to the History of the Church, being a New Inquiry into the True Dates of the Birth and Death of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; and containing an original Harmony of the Four Gospels, Now First Arranged in the Order of Time.
New York: Harper, 1845. [External link]

The Colonies of Heaven: A Sermon Preached before the Bishop, Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Connecticut.
Hartford: William Faxon, 1846.

The Promise to You and Your Children: A Sermon Preached in Grace Church, Saybrook, after Having Baptized the Infant Son of the Rector, the Rev. Junius M. Willey, on the Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity, October 11, 1846, P.M.
Hartford: William Faxon, Calendar Press, 1846. [External link]

The Presence of God in His Church: A Sermon Preached in St. John's Church, Hartford, on Trinity Sunday May 30, 1847. (being one of the Four Seasons,) at the Admission to the Order of Priests of the Rev. A. Jackson, A.M., Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy in Trinity College.
Hartford: H. S. Parsons, 1847.

A Voice from Connecticut Occasioned by the Late Pastoral Letter of the Bishop of North Carolina to the Clergy and Laity of His Diocese.
Hartford: A.C. Goodman & Co., 1849.

The Church of the Redeemed: Or, The History of the Mediatorial Kingdom.
Boston: C. Stimpson, 1850. [External link]

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