Project Canterbury

Richard Stanley Merrill Emrich


Compiled by the Right Reverend Terry Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita, 2012

The Conception of the Church in the Writings and Life of the German-English Philosopher Baron Friedrich von Hügel: A Contribution to the Sociology of Religion.
Munich: E. Reinhardt, 1939.

Earth Might be Fair: The Presiding Bishop's Book for Lent.
New York: Harper and Brothers, 1945.

Why Have a Prayer Book?
Detroit: Department of Christian Education, Diocese of Michigan, 1951.

Truth and Honesty: With Some Notes on Gossip.
Cincinnati, Ohio: Foreword Movement, 1955.

Opportunities for Anglicanism in the Midwest.
Addresses at the Twenty-seventh Synod of the Fifth Province of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America: Kenyon College, Gambler, Ohio, September 11-13, 1950.
Gambier: no publisher, 1960.

A Missionary Strategy for Today: Three Lectures.
Alexandria, VA: Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia, 1951.

Renewal of the Church.
New York: Women's Auxiliary to the National Council, 1952?

Freedom and Authority: An Address Delivered on September 19, 1954 to the Adult Bible Class of St. Paul's Cathedral, Detroit.
Detroit: no publisher, 1954.

The Spiritual Influence in our American Competitive Enterprise System: A talk ... for the Church-Industry Group of Detroit ... January 18, 1954.
Detroit: no publisher, 1954.

New York: Department of Promotion, Diocese of New York, 1955.

The Five Marks of a Healthy Parish.
New York: National Council, 1956.

Starting a Parish Mission.
New York: National Council, 1957.

The Greatness of Lincoln: A Sermon ... Preached in the Washington Cathedral, January 11, 1959, in Connection with the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Celebration.
No place: no publisher, 1959.

Lincoln and the Judgments of the Almighty: An Address at the National Lincoln Sesquicentennial Dinner.
No place: no publisher, 1959.

Lincoln and God: A Meditation on the Life of Abraham Lincoln.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1960.

"The Holy Spirit, the Lord of my Life."
Sermons Delivered at the Cranbrook Conference, 1963.
No place: no publisher, 1963.

Some Christian Insights into Conservativism.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1964.

Toward Equal Opportunity for All: Addresses Given before the Citizens for Equal Opportunity.
Detroit: Citizens for Equal Opportunity, 1964.

Have We Outgrown the Church?
Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1966.

Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1968.

The Episcopalians.
Royal Oak, MI: Cathedral Publishers, 1973.

We Hold These Truths.
Detroit: Cathedral Chapter, 1986.

The Theology of Golf.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1992.

Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1993.

Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1995.

Whatever Happened to Manners?
Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1995.

Votive Lights.
Fons du Lac, WI: Parish Press, no date.

Church Customs: Some ABCs.
No place: no publisher, no date.

Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, no date.

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