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Oliver Sherman Prescott

March 24, 1824-November 17, 1903

An Embattled Priest: The Life of Father Oliver Sherman Prescott.
By the Reverend Jervis Zimmerman.
Bloomfield, Connecticut, 2012. [PDF]

Trial of the Rev. O. S. Prescott, Presbyter of the Diocese of Massachusetts, on Charges of Heresy
New-York: M'Gown, 1851.

The Power of the Resurrection: A Sermon Preached in Trinity Church, Newport, R.I. on the Seventh Sunday after Trinity, 1863, being the Sunday Following the Funeral of Clement Clark Moore, L.L.D.
Newport, Rhode Island: Charles E. Hammett, Jr., 1863.

The Benedicite: An Hymn of Praise to the Triune God: A Sermon Preached in Zion Church, New York, on the First Friday in Lent, 1864.
New York: J. Pott, 1864.

The Cross of Christ: A Lenten Sermon, Preached in Christ Church, West Haven.
New-York: James Pott, 1867.

Is Fairness in Religious Controversy Impossible?
A Letter to the Rev. Daniel R. Goodwin, D.D., LL.D.,
Philadelphia: James McCauley, 1879.

The Charges against the Rector of St. Clement's Protestant Episcopal Church, in Philadelphia, together with his Statement, Explanation, Protest, and Arguments of Counsel.
Philadelphia: Times Printing House, 1879.

A Letter from the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D.
Evangelist House, S. Clement's, Phil., 1879.

Apostolic Conditions to Church Communion: A Sermon upon the Instruction to Cornelius and His Kinsfolk and Friends, by S. Peter, When He Opened the Kingdom of Heaven to the Gentiles.
New York: Church Critic Press, 1890.

The Early Days at St. Clement's, Philadelphia
By Franklin Joiner. From American Church Monthly volume 35, 1934
pp 100-108, 220-231, 298-306