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William Henry Odenheimer


A Memorial of William Henry Odenheimer, D.D. at the service in commemoration of this faithful servant of God, in Grace Church, Newark, Sept. 4, 1879, by Wm. Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany. Newark: Advertiser Steam Printing House, 1879.

Origin and Compilation of the Prayer Book.
Philadelphia, R.S.H. George, 1844.

Bishop White's Opinions on Certain Theological ecclesiastical points: being a compilation from the Writings and in the Words of the Rt. Rev. Wm. White, D.D., sometime bishop of Pennsylvania By a Protestant Episcopalian. Compiled by William Henry Odenheimer.
New York: Onderdonk, 1846. [External link]

Publication of the Associate Alumni of the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, for the year of our Lord 1847, being the Sermon and Essay at the Annual Meeting, in June.
New York: Church Depository, 1847.

The Celebrated Treatise of Joach. Fortius Ringelbergius De ratione studii: tr. from the edition of van Earp, by G. B. Earp, with preface and appendix, by W.H. Odenheimer.
Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1847.

Jerusalem and its Vicinity: a Series of Familiar Lectures on the Sacred Localities Connected with the Week before the Resurrection
By W.H. Odenheimer, A.M., Rector of St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia: Published by E.H. Butler & Co., 1855.

Sacred Scriptures: the inspired record of the glory of The Holy Trinity, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: The primary charge to the clergy of the Diocese of New Jersey, delivered (in Part), May 28, A.D. 1862, at the opening of the convention in Grace Church, Newark, by William Henry Odenheimer.
Philadelphia: James B. Chandler, 1862.

The Devout Churchman's Companion; or a Faithful Guide in Prayer, Meditation and the Reception of the Holy Eucharist. Edited by W. H. Odenheimer [From the Works of Bishop Thomas Wilson].
New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1863

The Apostolic Episcopate: A divinely ordained Channel of Peace, to the World, and to Christendom. A Sermon preached in Trinity Church, Geneva, on Wednesday, Jan. 4, A.D. 1865, at the Consecration of the Rt. Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe, D.D., Assistant Bishop of Western New York,
By William Henry Odenheimer, D.D., Bishop of New Jersey (1865)

Canon Law the Church's Evangelical Safeguard against the Lawlessness of Self-will: the Third Charge of the Rt. Rev. William Henry Odenheimer--to the Clergy of the Diocese, delivered at the Opening of the Eighty-fifth Annual Convention in Grace Church, Newark, May 27th, 1868.
New York: J.W. Amerman, Printer, 1868

Songs of the Spirit: Hymns of Praise and Prayer to God the Holy Ghost
Edited by William Henry Odenheimer and Frederic M. Bird.
New York: A.D.F. Randolph, 1871

Sermons by the Rt. Rev. William H. Odenheimer D.D., with an Introductory Memoir edited by his Wife.
New York: Dutton, 1881.

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