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William Augustus Muhlenberg


In Memory of William Augustus Muhlenberg, D.D., LL.D.: A Discourse.
By Edwin Harwood.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1877.

A Man After God's Own Heart: Loving Words to the Dear Memory of William A. Muhlenberg, D.D., Spoken in the Church of the Holy Communion, by Its Pastor.
By Francis E. Lawrence.
[New York:] Printed for Private Circulation, 1877.

The Life and Work of William Augustus Muhlenberg, Doctor in Divinity.
By Anne Ayres
New York: T. Whittaker, 1889.

The Rev William Augustus Muhlenberg, D.D. Father of This Church, St. Luke's Hospital, and Saint Johnland: "A Dreamer of Christian Unity."
Founder's Day Festival Celebration Sunday, March 18, 1928.
By Charles H. Boynton.
New York: Church of the Holy Communion, 1928.

A Sermon in Memory of the Rev. Samuel Bacon and John P. Bankson, Agents of the United States, under the Direction of the American Colonization Society, Who Died on the Coast of Africa, May, 1820 Preached in St. James's Church, Philadelphia, on Sunday Evening, November 5th.
Philadelphia: Clark & Raser, 1820.

Church Poetry, Being Portions of the Psalms in Verse, and Hymns Suited to the Festivals and Fasts, and Various Occasions of the Church. Selected and Altered from Various Authors.
Philadelphia: S. Potter and Co., 1823.

A Valedictory Sermon, Preached in St. James Church, Lancaster, on Sunday Evening, July 23, 1826.
Lancaster: Published at the Request of the Vestry, 1826.

The Application of Christianity to Education, Being the Principles and Plan of Education to be Adopted in the Institute of Flushing, L.I.
Jamaica, L.I.: Printed by Sleight & George, 1828.

Christian Education: An Address by Wm. Augustus Muhlenberg Delivered after a Public Examination of the Students of the Institute at Flushing, L.I. and an Essay on the Study of the Classics on Christian Principles, by Samuel Seabury.
New-York: Protestant Episcopal Press, 1831.

The Rebuke of the Lord: A Sermon, Preached in the Chapel of the Institute at Flushing, L.I. on the Sunday after the Great Fire in New-York, on the 16th and 17th Dec. 1835.
Jamaica, New York: I.F. Jones, 1835.

Hints on Catholic Union in Its Relation to the Protestant Episcopal Church.
New-York: Protestant Episcopal Press, 1836.

Collectanea Sacra Latina: An Introduction to the Use of Sacred Latin in Schools.
New York: Osborn, 1840.

Tabella Sacra. Vacation 1840.
No place: No publisher, [1840].

Address at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Church of the Holy Communion. Wednesday July 24th, 1844.
From The Gospel Messenger and Church Record of Western New-York, Utica, Sat. Morning August 3, 1844.

A Primer of Church Musick.
New York: S.W. Benedict, music printer 1845.

Morning Prayer Restored: Or, the Reasons for the Division of the Services on Sunday Morning, as Practised at the Church of the Holy Communion.
New York: George W. Wood, Printer, 1847.

The Weekly Eucharist.
New York: Pudney & Russell, 1848.

A Plea for a Church Hospital in the City of New York, in Two Lectures, Delivered in the Church of the Holy Communion, St. Paul's Church, New York, and St. John's Church, Brooklyn, with an Appendix, Containing the Constitution, &c. of St. Luke's Hospital.
New York: Stanford and Swords, 1850.

Two Letters on Protestant Sisterhoods
New York: Hobart Press, 1852.

Memorial of Sundry Presbyters of the Protestant Episcopal Church: Presented to the House of Bishops, October 18, 1853.
New York: no publisher, 1853.

An Exposition of the Memorial of Sundry Presbyters of the Protestant Episcopal Church: presented to the House of Bishops, during the General Convention of Said Church, 1853
New York: Stanford & Swords, 1854.

I Would Not Live Alway, and Other Pieces in Verse.
New York: R. Craighead, printer, 1860. [External link]

The Testimony of Jesus, the Spirit of Prophecy: A Sermon.
New York: R. Craighead, 1861.

St. Johnland: A Retro-prospectus in Two Letters, Supposed To Be Written Some Years Hence.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1864.

The Pastoral Letter of the Rt. Rev. H. Potter with the Replies of the Rev. S.H. Tyng, the Rev. E.H. Canfield, the Rev. John Cotton Smith, the Rev. W.A. Muhlenberg.
New York: John A. Gray & Green, Printers, 1865.

St. Johnland: Ideal and Actual.
New York: T. Whitaker, 1867.

Christ and the Bible: Not the Bible and Christ
New York: Anson D.F. Randolph and Co., 1868.

An Account. St. Johnland, with the First Financial Report.
New York: Thomas Whittaker, 1870. [PDF]

Suggestions for the Formation of an Evangelic and Catholic Union. A Paper Read at the Evangelical Conference, in Philadelphia, November 9, 1869.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1870.

Directory in the Use of the Book of Common Prayer: for the Church of the Testimony of Jesus, St. John-Land, L.I.
New York: Thomas Whittaker, 1871.

The Woman and Her Accusers: A Plea for the Midnight Mission.
New York: Pliny F. Smith, 1871.

The Lord's Supper in Relation to Christian Union. A Paper Read at the Conference of the Evangelical Alliance, New York, October 11, 1873.
New York: T. Whittaker 1873.

Evangelical Catholic Papers: A Collection of Essays, Letters, and Tractates from Writings of Rev. William Augustus Muhlenberg during the Last Forty Years.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1875. [External link]

Fifth Annual Report of the Trustees of St. Johnland, for the Year Ending December 27 (St. John's Day), 1875.
New York: St Johnland Press, 1875. [PDF]

The Society of Saint Johnland Report for the Twenty-Sixth Year, Ending St. John's Day, December 27th.
New York: J. J. Little and Co., 1896. [PDF]

The Society of Saint Johnland Report for the Thirty-third Year, Ending St. John's Day, December 27th, 1903.
New York: Irving Press: 1903. [PDF]

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