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Morgan Dix


Morgan Dix: A Sermon at the Memorial Service Held in Trinity Church on All Saints Day Nineteen Hundred and Eight.
By William Croswell Doane.
New York: no publisher, 1908.

Morgan Dix, Priest and Doctor: A Sermon Preached by William T. Manning, Bishop of New York in Trinity Church at the Service Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Dr. Dix. November 6, 1927.
By William T. Manning.
New York: no publisher, 1927.

The Holy Communion: a Sense of Unworthiness no Ground for Keeping back from It. A Sermon, preached in St. Paul's Chapel, New York, the first Sunday after Epiphany, Jan. 11th, 1857, and Jan. 10th, 1858.  
New York: Daniel Dana, Jr., 1859.

May I Come to the Holy Communion?
A Sense of Unworthiness No Ground for Keeping Back from It.
Philadelphia: Female Tract Society, n.d.

The Way of God in the Storm.
A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Chapel, New York, Third Sunday after Easter, April 21, 1861.
New York: F. J. Huntington, 1861.

God's Mercies towards the Nation: a Sermon preached in Saint Paul's Chapel, New York, Thanksgiving Day, 1861
New York: F.J. Huntington, 1861.

An Exposition of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans: According to the Analogy of the Catholic Faith.
New York: Published for the Author, 1862.

The Duty and Office of the Priest: A Sermon, in Trinity Church, New York, March 8, 1865, at the Ordination of McWalter B. Noyes.  
Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1865.

The General Convention of 1865: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity Parish New York, on the Twentieth Sunday after Trinity, October 29th, 1865.
New York: James Pott, 1865.

The Death of President Lincoln. A Sermon preached in Saint Paul's Chapel, New York, on Wednesday, April 19, 1865.  
Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1865.

The History of the Past Fifty Years a History of Beneficial Change, Steady Growth, and Valuable Acquisitions.
A Sermon for the Times, Preached in Trinity Church, New York, on the Feast of St. Mark, 1867.
New York: Pott and Amery, 1867.

Sermons Preached before the Bishop Seabury Association of Brown University, Providence, R.I.
New York: Printed for the Association, 1868.

Individualism, Sectarianism, Catholicism. A Sermon preached on the Fourth Sunday after Easter, May 19, 1867, in Saint Stephen's Church, Providence, Rhode Island, by the Rev. Morgan Dix, S.T.D.

Lectures on the Two Estates; That of the Wedded in the Lord, and That of the Single for the Kingdom of Heaven's Sake.
New York: Pott, Young & Co., 1872.

"I Believe in the Communion of Saints." A Sermon, preached by the Reverend Morgan Dix, S.T.D., Rector of Trinity Church, New York, in the Church of S. Mary the Virgin, West 45th Street, between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, on Sunday Evening, December 10, 1871.
New York: William Moore, 1873.

A Plea for Toleration.
New York and Boston: Saint Chrysostom's Magazine, 1874.

Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Cathedral Church of Saint Luke, Portland, Maine. October 18, A.D. 1877.
Portland, ME: Brown Thurston and Co., 1877.

American Church Progress in Fifty Years. From a "Sermon for the Times" in Trinity Church, New York. April 25, 1867.
New York: Church Eclectic, 1879.

Lectures on the First Prayer Book of King Edward VI.
New York: Young and Co., 1881.

Lectures on the Calling of a Christian Woman, and Her Training to Fulfil it, Delivered during the Season of Lent, A.D. 1883.
New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1883. [External link]

Christian Education: A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, Hartford, Conn., on Trinity Sunday, June 20, 1886, before the Graduating Class on Trinity College.
Hartford, Connecticut: Case, Lockwood and Brainard, 1886.

Cornelius E. Swope, Priest and Doctor. Born May 10, 1826, Died March 28, 1890. Memorial Sermon Preached in Trinity Chapel, New York on Low Sunday, April 13, 1890.
New York: E. J. B. Young, 1890.

The Sacramental System Considered as the Extension of the Incarnation.
New York: Longmans, Green, 1893.

The Birthright of the Church: Its Nature, and Its Risk of Loss. Preached in Gethsemane Church, Minneapolis, on Sunday October 20, 1895, During the Session of the General Convention.
Milwaukee, WI: The Young Churchman, 1895.

Harriet Starr Cannon: First Mother Superior of the Sisterhood of St. Mary. A Brief Memoir by Morgan Dix, Sometime Pastor of the Community.
New York: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1896.

Blessing and Ban from the Cross of Christ: Meditations on the Seven Words on the Cross
Given in Trinity Church, New York, on Good Friday, A.D. 1894.
New York: J. Pott, 1898.

The First Sermon in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.
[New York:] no publisher, [1899.]

Sermon, Preached in Trinity Church, New York, on Sunday, September 15th, 1901, being the Second Day after the Assassination of President McKinley.
New York: The Evening Job Printing house, 1901.

The Witness of the Religious Life. A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Saint Mary on Occasion of the Dedication of the Convent of Saint Mary on Mount Saint Gabriel, Peekskill, N.Y., Wednesday, October 21, 1903.
New York: E. S. Gorham, 1903.

The Creed: A Full and Sufficient Statement of the Christian Faith.
New York: Edwin S. Gorham, 1905.

Three Guardians of Supernatural Religion. The Bedell Lectures for 1899.
New York: Gorham, 1901.

Divorce and Re-marriage: A Sermon Preached March 16th, 1902.
New York: E.S. Gorham, 1902.

The Story of the Chapel of St. Cornelius the Centurion at Governor's Island, New York Harbor, Written for the Day of the Consecration, October 19, A.D. 1906.
New York: Edwin S. Gorham, 1906.

Two Sermons on the Resurrection of Christ Our Lord Preached in Trinity Church, New York, April 29th and May 6th, 1906, being the Second and Third Sundays after Easter.
New York: Edwin S. Gorham, 1906.

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