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John Henry Hopkins

June 22, 1792-January 9, 1868

Address Delivered before the Young Men's Auxiliary Bible Society, November 2, 1819.
Pittsburgh: Butler and Landin, 1820.

Religion the Only Safeguard of National Prosperity. A Sermon, Preached in Trinity Church, Boston, December 1, 1831.
Boston: Samuel H. Parker, 1831.

Sermon before the Howard Benevolent Society, January 20, 1832.

Religious Education, the Safest Means of Ministerial Increase. Christ Church, Hartford, Connecticut, September 26th, 1832.

Defense of the Convention of the Diocese of Massachusetts, against Certain Editorial Statements of "The Banner of the Cross." 1832.

Christianity Vindicated. Seven Discourses on the External Evidences of the New Testament.
Burlington: Edward Smith, 1833.

The Primitive Creed, Examined and Explained.
Burlington: Edward Smith, 1834.

The Primitive Church, Compared with the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Present Day.
Burlington: Smith, 1835.

The Importance of Providing Religious Education for the Poor: Connected with the True Principle of All Christian Charity. Two Discourses Preached by Request in the Cathedral Church of Quebec, before the Quebec Diocesan Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, on Sunday, the Twenty-fifth Day of October, 1835.
Burlington: Smith and Harrington, 1835.

Essay on Gothic Architecture, with Various Plans and Drawings.
Burlington: Smith and Harrington, 1836.

The Church of Rome in Her Primitive Purity, Compared with the Church of Rome at the Present Day.
Burlington: Vernon Harrington, 1837. [External link]

Statement of the Studies, Terms and General Principles of the Vermont Episcopal Institute.
Philadelphia: William Stavely, 1838.

Twelve Canzonets, words and music.
London: Firth and Hall, 1839.

The Sacrifice of Atonement: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Church, Burlington, Vermont, June 6th, 1841. Chauncy Goodrich, 1841.

Primary Charge, on the Missionary Constitution, the Oxford Tracts and Nestorianism. September 21st, 1842.

A Letter to the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick, Roman Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia.
Burlington: Goodrich, 1842.

A Second Letter to the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick, Roman Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia.
Burlington, Vermont: Goodrich, 1843. [External links]

Discourses on the Second Advent of the Redeemer, with Special Reference to the Year 1843.
Burlington: Goodrich, 1843.

The Novelties Which Disturb Our Peace. Four Letters Addressed to the Bishops, Clergy and Laity.
Philadelphia: H. Hooker, 1844. [External link]

Sixteen Lectures on the Causes, Principles, and Results, of the British Reformation.
Philadelphia: J. M. Campbell, 1844. [External link]

Episcopal Government. A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Rev. Alonzo Potter, D.D., as Bishop of Pennsylvania. 1845.

Pastoral Letter addressed by the Bishop to the People of His Diocese on the Subject of his Correspondence with the Rev. William Henry Holt.
Burlington, Vermont: C. Goodrich, 1846.

An Humble but Earnest Address on the Tolerating among our Ministry of the Doctrines of the Church of Rome.
New York: Harper, 1846.

Letter to the Rev. Samuel Seabury, Editor of The Churchman.
New-York: John R. Winser, 1846.

The Unity of the Church Consistent with the Divisions of Party. New-York: Daniel Dana, 1847.

Defect of the Principle of Religious Authority in Modern Education. Address before the American Institute of Instruction August 14th, 1849.
No place: no publisher, 1849.

The Case of the Rev. Mr. Gorham against the Bishop of Exeter Considered. November, 1849.

The History of the Confessional.
New York: Harper and Brothers, 1850.

Address on the Death of Gen. Zachary Taylor, Delivered at St. Alban's August 2nd, 1850.
St. Alban's: E. B. Whiting, 1850.

Fraternal Unity in the Church of God. Triennial Sermon before the Board of Missions, in Cincinnati. 1850.
New-York: Daniel Dana, 1850.

Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Protestant Episcopal Historical Society, held at the Stuyvesant Institute, N.Y., June 25th, 1851.
New York: Printed for the Society, 1851.

Slavery: Its Religious Sanction, Its Political Dangers, and the Best Mode of Doing it Away. A Lecture, delivered in Buffalo and Lockport. January, 1851.
Buffalo: Phinney, 1851. [External link]

The Divine Law for the Support of the Ministry. A Sermon in Grace Church, Boston. March, 1851.

Address at the First Annual Meeting of the Protestant Episcopal Historical Society, June, 1851.

A Pastoral Letter Addressed to the Several Parishes.
Burlington, Vermont: Stacy and Jameson, 1852.

A Defence of the Constitution of the Diocese of Vermont.
New York: Pudney and Russell, 1854.

A Pastoral Letter on the Support of the Clergy, Addressed to the Wardens, Vestrymen and Parishioners in the Diocese of Vermont.
Burlington, Vermont: Stacy and Jameson, 1854.

An Address Delivered before the House of the Convocation of Trinity College, in Christ Church, Hartford, July 26th, 1854.
Hartford: S. Hanmer & Co., 1854.

The End of Controversy Controverted.
New York: Pudney and Russell, 1854. [External link]

The True Church Principles of Restoration to the Episcopal Office.
Burlington: Stacy & Jameson, 1854.

A Tract for the Church in Jerusalem
The Right to Make Proselytes from the Eastern Churches, on True Catholic Principle Considered in a Letter of Friendly Remonstrance to the Editor of the Church Journal
Burlington: Stacy & Jameson, Printers, 1854.

To the Friends of Sound Doctrine, Piety and Education, in behalf of the Vermont Episcopal Institute. October, 1855.

A Pastoral Letter on the Subject of the Church Institute. 1855.

The Relations of Science and Religion: A Discourse Delivered at the Request of the Local Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in St. Paul's Church, Albany, on August 24, 1856.
Albany: Van Benthuysen, 1856.

The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties, according to the Spirit of the Constitution of the United States. New York: Pudney and Russell, 1857.

Letter on the Bible View of Slavery, January, 1861.

A Letter to the Bishops and Delegates of the Church, Now Assembled at Montgomery, June, 1861.

Protest, and a Draft of a Pastoral Letter. October, 1862.

A Scriptural, Ecclesiastical, and Historical View of Slavery, from the Days of the Patriarch Abraham to the Nineteenth Century.
New York: W.L. Pooley, 1864. [External link]

The Law of Ritualism, Examined in Its Relation to the Word of God, to the Primitive Church, to the Church of England, and to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.
New York: Hurd and Houghton, 1866. [External link]

The History of the Church in Verse.
New York: W. I. Pooley, 1867. [External link]

A Candid Examination of the Question Whether the Bishop of Rome is the Great Anti-Christ of Scripture.
New York: Hurd and Houghton, 1868.

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