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Harold Baxter Liebler


"Work and Devotion:" Father Harold Baxter Liebler at St. Christopher's Mission, 1943-1962.
By Christiane A. Mitchell.
Utah State University M.A. thesis, 1991.

Éé' Neishoodii Bitsii 'Nez: The Compassion and Conflicts of the Reverend Harold Baxter Liebler, Missionary to the Utah Navajo, 1943-1982.
By Wendy Marie Zarara.
Utah State University M.A. thesis, 2001.

The Highly Adaptable Gospel: A Journey through the Life of H. Baxter Liebler.
By Marjorie S. May.
Chicago: Dv Polymedia, 2003.

Anima Christi: Practical Meditations on the Prayer of St. Ignatius.
New York: Catholic Churchman Press, 1925.

Moccasin Tracks.
New York: Blackshaw Press, 1939.

When We Look around Us: A Little Book about God and What He has done for Us.
New York: Exposition Press, 1960.

The Social and Cultural Patterns of the Navajo Indians.
No place: no publisher, 1962.

Boil My Heart for Me.
New York: Exposition Press, 1969.

Some Suggestions for the Sanctification of Time.
Monument Valley, Utah: The Hat Rock Valley Retreat Center, no date.

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