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Gregory Thurston Bedell


Celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Consecration of the Rt. Rev. Gregory Thurston Bedell, D.D., Bishop of Ohio, St. Paul's Church, Cleveland, Ohio, October 27th, A.D., 1884.
Cleveland, Ohio: Short and Forman, 1885. [External link]

The Cause of the Greeks: A Discourse, Delivered in St. Paul's Church, on the Evening of February 26, 1827, at the Request of the Committee for the Relief of the Greeks.
Philadelphia: William Staveley, 1827.

Individual Responsibility for Missions to the Heathen: A Sermon preached at the Celebration of the Jubilee of the Church Missionary Society, in St. James's Episcopal Chapel, Edinburgh, October 26, 1848
Edinburgh: R. Grant and Son, 1848.

A Votive Pillar: A Discourse Commemorating the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Church of the Ascension, New-York Preached on the Occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of His Institution.
New-York: Anson D.F. Randolph, 1853

The Sacredness of the Grave: A Sermon Preached on the Evening of Easter Day, in the Church of the Ascension, New-York. And on the First Sunday after Easter, by Request, in Calvary Church, N.Y.
New York: Samuel T. Callahan, 1854.

Fellow Workers: Two Sermons Preached by the Rev. Gregory Thurston Bedell, D.D., Being the Close of His Ministry in the Church of the Ascension, New-York.
New-York: John A. Gray, 1859.

The Trusteeship of the Gospel: An Ordination Sermon.
Cincinnati: Robert Clarke and Co., 1869.

The Victories of the Reformation, and Dangers from Exaggerations of Them. Delivered before the Y.M.C.A. of Cincinnati, November 3rd, 1870.
Cincinnati: Trinity Pastoral Aid Society, 1871.

Episcopacy, Fact and Law: Sermon Preached at the Consecration of Rt. Rev. M.A. De Wolfe Howe, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, at St. Luke's Church, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia: M'Calla & Stavely, 1872.

Sermon Commemorative of Bishop Auer Preached in Calvary Church, New York, Oct. 15, 1874.
New York: American Church Press Co., 1874.

Personal Presence of God the Holy Ghost: Primary Charge of the Rt. Rev. Gregory Thurston Bedell to the Clergy. Delivered at the Meeting of the Diocesan Convention, St. John Baptist's day, June 26, 1874, in the Church of the Holy Spirit, Gambier, Ohio.
Cleveland: Office of the Standard of the Cross, 1874.

The Therapeutical Influence of High Character in a Physician: An Address.
Cleveland: Office of the Standard of the Cross, 1876.

Self-consecration the True Consecration: The Sermon at the Consecration of Saint Paul's Church, Cleveland, Thursday, February 1st, 1877.
Cleveland, Vestry of the Parish, 1877.

Personal Clerical Character the Source of Clerical Influence: The Second Triennial Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese.
Cleveland: Published by order of the Convention, 1878.

The Canterbury Pilgrimage to and from the Lambeth Conference and the Sheffield Congress.
New York: A.D.F. Randolph, 1878.

A Missionary Sermon Preached under the Auspices of the Woman's Auxiliary, in behalf of Foreign Missions.
New York: E.S. Dodge Printing Company, 1878.

The Lambeth Conference: Diocesan Interest in Its Conclusions: An Address to the Annual Convention.
Cleveland: Leader Print. Co., 1879.

Report to the Joint Committee of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States on Ecclesiastical Relations and Religious Reform.
New Relations of the Oriental Churches with the Church of England. Armenian Papers. Presented October, 1879, by the Bishop of Ohio, as Chairman of the Sub-Committee on "Ecclesiastical Reform and Toleration in the East."
New York: Printed for the Joint Committee, 1879.

The Centenary of the American Episcopate: An Address Delivered in St. James's Hall, on June 17, 1884, and a Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, on June 18, 1884, on the Occasion of the 183rd Anniversary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
London: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1884.

The Continuity of the Church of God: A Sermon Preached before the General Convention assembled in S. James's Church, Chicago, October 6th, A.D. 1886.
Chicago: Cameron, Amberg, 1886.

The Case of S. John's, Toledo: Has Any Bishop the Right to Impose upon Any Priest, New Standards of Doctrine, Composed by Himself? A Correspondence.
Toledo, Ohio: Spear, Johnson and Co., 1887.

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