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Gardiner Mumford Day


The Conceptions of God in Epictetus and Paul, in Relation to Their Common Environment.
Columbia University M.A. thesis, 1926.

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Why Unite with the Presbyterians?
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The Importance of Intinction.
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New York: Morehouse-Gorham, 1950.

Biography of a Church: A Brief History of Christ Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Riverside Press, 1951.

Our Endangered Freedom: A 1953 Patriots' Day Address at Christ Church, Boston (the Old North) on the 178th anniversary of the Displaying of the Lanterns.
Cambridge, Massachusetts: no publisher, 1953.

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Christ Speaks from the Cross.
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A Silver Lining: 1961, An Ecumenical Year.
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The Apostles' Creed: An Interpretation for Today.
New York: Scribner, 1963. [External link]

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Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1966.

Open Communion in the Episcopal Church.
Philadelphia: Evangelical Education Society, 1968.

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