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George Craig Stewart


The Colors of the Republic.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman Co., 1915. [External link]

Address Delivered before the Chicago Liberty Loan Committee at the Union League Club Thursday, March 6th, 1919.
Chicago: The Liberty Loan Committee, 1919.

The Full Catholic Faith the Need in the Present Unrest.
From The Catholic Faith and the Religious Situation.
New York: The Churchmen's Alliance, 1921.

Evolution: A Witness to God.
Chicago: The Witness Pub. Co., 1922.

Reunion and Protestantism
The Priests' Convention Philadelphia, April 29-30, 1924.
From The American Church Monthly, June, 1924, Vol. XV, No. 4.

The Qualities of a Good Server.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1928.

Spanish Summer.
Milwaukee: Morehouse; London: A.R. Mowbray and Co., 1928.

Six Altars: Studies in Sacrifice.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1930.

The Call of Christ: A Series of Brief Addresses in Holy Week Given at the Garrick Theatre, Chicago in 1931.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1931.

The Face of Christ: A Study in Spiritual Portraiture.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1932.

The Victory of Faith.
New York and London: Harper and Bros., 1935.

Charge to the 102nd Annual Convention of the Church in the Diocese of Chicago Meeting in St. Mark's Parish, Evanston, February 7, 1939.
Chicago: no publisher, [1939].

The Life of Jesus Christ in His Church: A Lecture on the John C. Shaffer Foundation at Northwestern University.
Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University, 1941.

The Hymns of the Rt. Rev. George Craig Stewart.
Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University, 1942.

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