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Flavel Scott Mines


A Tribute to the Memory of the Rev. Flavel S. Mines, A.M., Rector of Trinity Church, San Francisco, California, and formerly of St. Paul's Church, St. Croix, W.I., Died 5th August 1852; of the Rev. Edmund Richards, A.M., Rector of All Saints, St. Thomas, W.I., Died 3d September 1852; and of the Rev. John Wade, A.M., Rector of St. Paul's Church, St. Croix, W.I., Died 22d October 1852.
By the Rev. Fletcher J. Hawley, A.M., Rector of St. John's Church, St. Croix, W.I.
St. Croix: Printed at Mrs. Hatchett's Office, 1853.

Flavel Scott Mines, Unofficial Missionary to California, 1849.
By Lionel Utley Ridout.
New Brunswick, New Jersey: no publisher, 1957.

The Church, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth.
New York: John S. Taylor, 1838.

Call to Consideration in the Day of Adversity.
New-York: H. Ludwig, 1840.

Presbyterian Clergyman Looking for the Church
By One of Three hundred.
New York: General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union, 1850.
New-York: Pudney & Russell, 1855.

Sermon Preached by the Rev. Flavel S. Mines, on Sunday, January 25th, 1852, at the Opening of the New Trinity Church in Pine Street, San Francisco, Cal.
San Francisco: F. A. Bonnard, 1852.

Looking for the Church.
Abridged by Francis Kitchin
New York: James Pott, 1892.

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