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Francis Joseph Hall

Life of the Rev. John Hall, By his Grandson, the Rev. Francis J. Hall, D.D. unpublished manuscript, 9 pp.

Francis J. Hall to the Rev. Dr. Newman Smyth, January 9, 1911.
[A bound manuscript from the Papers of the Rev. Canon Edward Nason West, held in the Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.]

Theological Outlines

Volume I: The Doctrine of God. 2nd ed.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1905.

Volume II: The Doctrine of Man and of the God-Man. 2nd ed.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1915.

Volume III: The Doctrine of the Church and of Last Things.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1895.

Bishop Kinsman's Salve Mater: An Address given before the Catholic Club, New York City, April 27, 1920

Is the Use of Contraceptives Ever Right? by Francis J. Hall. American Church Monthly, volume 29, 1931, pp 63-72

An Appreciation of Francis Joseph Hall, Priest and Doctor, by Gregory Mabry. American Church Monthly, volume 31, 1933, pp 333-337

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