Project Canterbury

Saint Mary's School

Mount Saint Gabriel
Peekskill, New York

Philadelphia: Elliott, 1931.

View of the School from the Hudson River

Approach to the school from the East

Main Entrance

The sallyport from the Quadrangle

East front from terrace

South Wing from terrace

The lower terrace

View to north from upper terrace

West entrance to the Hetty H. R. Green Memorial

The school corridor

The study hall

The stone corridor

The drawing room

The refectory

The school Chapel of the Annunciation

Saint Mary's Chapel from the North side

Saint Mary's Chapel from the West side

Procession to Chapel on Commencement Day

The pond

Field Day events

Basketball teams

Scenes from Robin Hood in outdoor theatre

Saint Mary's Junior School dormitory

Saint Mary's Junior School building

Scenes and activities of the Junior School

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