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The Priests’ Convention

Philadelphia, April 29-30, 1924

From The American Church Monthly, June, 1924, Vol. XV, No. 4.

Edited by Selden Peabody Delany, D.D.

Transcribed by Wayne Kempton
Archivist and Historiographer of the Diocese of New York, 2012

1. Sermon Preached at St. Mark's Church at the Opening of the Priests' Conference p. 243
William Walter Webb

2. Sermon Preached at St. Clement's Church at the Opening of the Priests' Conference p. 252
Bernard Iddings Bell

3. The Deity of Our Lord p. 258
Francis J. Hall

4. The Virgin Birth of Our Lord p. 265
William Pitt McCune

5. The Resurrection of Our Lord p. 273
Frederick C. Grant

6. The Holy Sacrifice p. 288
William A. McClenthen

7. The Holy Communion p. 300
Frederic S. Fleming

8. The Real Presence p. 311
Frederick S. Penfold

9. The Study of Moral Theology p. 327
Marshall Bowyer Stewart

10. Spiritual Guidance p. 335
James O. S. Huntington

11. Prayer and Meditation p. 355
P. N. Waggett

12. The Rule of Life p. 367
Charles S. Hutchinson

13. The Essentials of The Church p. 374
Irving P. Johnson

14. Reunion and Protestantism p. 383
George Craig Stewart

15. Reunion p. 398
J. G. H. Barry


The Rt. Rev. William Walter Webb, D.D., is Bishop of Milwaukee.

The Rev. Bernard Iddings Bell, D.D., is President of St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y.

The Rev. Francis J. Hall, D.D., is Professor of Dogmatic Theology, General Theological Seminary, and well known throughout the Church as the author of many works on Theology, and in particular for his latest contribution to this subject, the ten volume treatise on Dogmatic Theology.

The Rev. William Pitt McCune, Ph.D., is Rector of St. Ignatius' Church, New York City.

The Rev. Frederick C. Grant, D.D., is Rector of Trinity Church, Chicago, and one of the editors of the Anglican Theological Review.

The Rev. William A. McClenthen, D.D., is Rector of Mt. Calvary Church, Baltimore, Md.

The Rev. Frederic S. Fleming is Rector of the Church of the Atonement, Chicago.

The Rev. Frederick S. Penfold, D.D., is Rector of St. Stephen's Church, Providence, R. I.

The Rev. Marshall Bowyer Stewart, D.D., is Professor of Moral and Dogmatic Theology, Nashotah House, Nashotah, Wisconsin.

The Rev. James O. S. Huntington, O.H.C., is Superior of the Order of the Holy Cross, West Park, NY

The Rev. P. N. Waggett, D.D., Oxford, is a Member of the Order of St. John the Evangelist, English Province, Cowley, Oxford.

The Very Rev. Charles S. Hutchinson, D.D., is Dean of All Saints' Cathedral, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Right Rev. Irving P. Johnson, D.D., is Bishop of Colorado.

The Rev. George Craig Stewart, D.D., is Rector of St. Luke's Church, Evanston, Ill.

The Rev. Joseph G. H. Barry, D.D., is Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York City.

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