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The Catholic Life

Addresses and Papers Delivered at the Fourth Annual Catholic Conference
New York City, November 13th to 15th, 1928.

Auspices of the Central Conference of Associated Catholic Priests.

Milwaukee: Morehouse
London: A. R. Mowbray, 1929.

Message of Greeting
The Most Reverend John Gardner Murray

Address of Welcome
The Rt. Rev. William T. Manning

Congress Sermons

The Rt. Rev. Rocksborough R. Smith, Bishop of Algoma

The Rt. Rev. Samuel B. Booth, Bishop Coadjutor of Vermont

The Rev. James O. S. Huntington, O.H.C.

The Rev. William A. McClenthen

Addresses and Papers

I. The Catholic and His Creed
The Rev. Frank Gavin

II. The Catholic and His Worship
The Rev. Richard H. Gushée

III. The Catholic and His Prayers
The Rev. George Palmer Christian

IV. The Catholic and His Communions
The Rev. Frederick Whitney Fitts

V. The Catholic and His Neighbor
The Rev. Frederic Omar Musser

VI. The Catholic in the Parish
The Rev. James Martin Niblo

VII. The Catholic and Penitence
The Rev. Granville Mercer Williams, SSJE

VIII. The Catholic and His Interior Life
The Rt. Rev. Sheldon Munson Griswold

IX. The Catholic and the Priesthood
The Rev. Robert James Murphy

X. The Catholic and the Religious Life
The Rev. William Brewster Stoskopf

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