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Bernard Iddings Bell


The Dynamite of the Sacraments
No place: no publisher, 1914.

Right and Wrong after the War: An Elementary Consideration of Christian Morals in the Light of Modern Social Problems.
Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1918. [External link]

The Church's Work for Men at War.
Chicago: Published for the Western Theological Seminary, 1919.

The Church's Relation to Capital and Labour: A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City, on Whitsunday, 1920.
New York: no publisher, 1920.

The Good News
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1921.

Common Sense in Education.
New York: Morrow, 1928.

Beyond Agnosticism: A Book for Tired Mechanists.
New York: Harper, 1929.

Unfashionable Convictions
New York: Harper, 1931.

Men Wanted!
New York: Harper, 1933.

Holy Week.
New York: Harper, 1933.

Preface to Religion.
New York: Harper, 1935.

A Catholic Looks at His World: An Approach to Christian Sociology.
New York: Morehouse, 1936.

O Men of God!
London and New York: Longmans, 1936. [External link]

Affirmations by a Group of American Anglo-Catholics, edited by Bernard Iddings Bell.
London and New York: Sheed and Ward, 1938. [External link]

In the City of Confusion.
London: Centenary Press, 1938. [External link]

The Priestly Way.
West Park, New York: Holy Cross Press, 1938. [External link]

Religion for Living: A Book for Postmodernists.
New York: Harper, 1940.

Understanding Religion: An Introductory Guide to the Study of Christianity.
New York: Morehouse Gorham, 1941.

Still Shine the Stars
New York and London: Harper, 1941.

The Church in Disrepute.
New York and London: Harper, 1943.

The Altar and the World: Social Implications of the Liturgy.
New York and London: Harper, 1944.

God is Not Dead.
New York and London: Harper, 1945.

Man Can Live.
New York: Harper, 1947.

Crisis in Education: A Challenge to American Complacency.
New York: Whittlesey House, 1949.

Crowd Culture: An Examination of the American Way of Life.
New York: Harper, 1952.

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