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Alonzo Potter


Episcopal Government: A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Rev. Alonzo Potter, D.D., as Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.
By John Henry Hopkins.
Philadelphia: King and Baird, 1845.

No Church without a Bishop, or, A Peep into the Sanctuary: being a Succint [sic] Examination of the Right Rev. B.T. Onderdonk, Bishop of New York
By a High Churchman. [attributed to Potter]
Boston: no publisher, 1815.

An Appeal in behalf of Missions: Addressed to Episcopalians. A Sermon Preached before the Board of Directors of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, in St. James' Church, Philadelphia, on Tuesday, May 12, 1829.
Boston: R.P. & C. Williams, 1829.

Political Economy: Its Objects, Uses, and Principles, considered with Reference to the Condition of the American People with a summary, for the Use of Students.
New York: Harper, 1840. [External link]

Discourse, Pronounced at Schenectady, July 22, 1845 on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Foundation of Union College.
Schenectady: I. Riggs, 1845.

A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Pennsylvania, Delivered at the Opening of the Sixty-Fifth Convention, May 16th, 1849.
Philadelphia: King and Baird, 1849.

The Proper Method, Matter and Object of Ministerial Study. A Charge to the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Pennsylvania, Delivered in St. Andrew's Church, Philadelphia, Wednesday, May 22, 1850.
Philadelphia: King and Baird, 1850.

The Christian Bishop: A Sermon Preached at St. George's Church, New York, November 20, 1851, on the Occasion of the Consecration of Rev. Henry John Whitehouse, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Illinois.
New-York: Stanford and Swords, 1851.

Education of Idiots: An Appeal to the Citizens of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia: Evans 1853. [External link]

Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity Delivered in Philadelphia by Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Fall and Winter of 1853-4.
Philadelphia: E. H. Butler, 1855. [External link]

National Accountability: The Stewardship of Nations. A Sermon Preached on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1857.
No place: no publisher, 1857.

Discourses, Charges, Addresses, Pastoral Letters, Etc. Etc.
Philadelphia: E. H. Butler, 1858. [External link]

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