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Abram Newkirk Littlejohn

Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity.
Philadelphia: E.H. Butler, 1855.

The American Character: Its Faults and Its Wants: An Address Pronounced before the Belles Lettres Society of St. James' College, Md., June 5th, 1855.
New Haven: T.J. Stafford, 1855.

The Ministerial Gift: A Sermon Preached before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Connecticut, June 12, 1855 in Christ Church, Norwich.
New Haven: T.J. Stafford, 1855.

The Comparative Dependence of Human Progress on Tradition and Invention: An Address Pronounced before the House of Convocation of Trinity College, July 16th, 1856.
Hartford: Case, Tiffany and Co., 1856.

The Necessity, Uses, Etc. of A Church Literature: A Sermon, in Behalf of the General Protestant Episcopal S.S. Union and Church Book Society, at Its Thirty-first Anniversary, Preached in the Church of the Holy Communion, New York on June 21, 1857.
New Haven: The Society, 1858.

More Laborers Needed: A Sermon Preached before the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Increase of the Ministry in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, on the Sunday after Ascension Day, May 12th, 1861.
New York: Published by Order of the Society, 1861.

Church Work in Nebraska and Dakota.
New York: Sanford, Harroun and Co., Printers, 1867.

The Primary Charge of the Right Reverend Abram Newkirk Littlejohn, D.D., Bishop of Long Island, Delivered before the Second Convention of the Diocese, in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn held on September 29th and 30th A. D. 1869.

Address Delivered at the Annual Matriculation of Students of the General Theological Seminary, November 29, 1876.
New York: Cadmus Press, 1876.

Intemperance and the Church's Duty.
Brooklyn: Orphan's Press, Church Charity Foundation, 1877.

Theology and Practical Religion as Affected by the Humanitarian Tendencies of the Day. The Triennial Charge of the Bishop of Long Island.
Brooklyn, N.Y., Orphans' Press--Church Charity Foundation, 1878.

Some Alleged Faults of the Ministry Considered: A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Right Rev. Thos. Alfred Starkey, D.D., Bishop of Northern New Jersey, in Grace Church, Newark, January 8, 1880.
Published by the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Northern New Jersey, 1880.

Individualism: Its Growth and Tendencies, with Some Suggestions as to the Remedy for Its Evils. Sermons Preached before the University of Cambridge in November, 1880.
Cambridge: Deighton, Bell and Co., 1881.
London: George Bell and Sons, 1881.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1881.

The Christian Ministry at the Close of the Nineteenth Century.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1884.

The Present Outlook of the Church as Indicated by the Facts of the Hour. The Annual Sermon before the Fourteenth Convention of the Diocese of Long Island, Preached in St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, May 17th, 1881.
Brooklyn: Orphans' Press, Church Charity Foundation, 1881.

Centennial Sermon in St. Ann's Church.
From St. Ann's Centennial, Brooklyn, April 23, 1887.
New York: Economical Printing Co., 1887.

The Sunday School: Extract from the Annual Address of the Right Rev. A.N. Littlejohn, D.D., LL. D., Bishop of Long Island, Delivered at the Convention at Garden City, May 20, 1890.
Brooklyn: Orphans' Press and Church Charity Foundation, 1890.

Catholic Dogma: The Fundamental Truths of Revealed Religion.
New York: E. & J.B. Young, 1892.

Addresses Delivered at the Laying of the Corner-stone of the New St. Luke's Hospital in the City and Diocese of New-York on Saturday, the Sixth Day of May MDCCCLXXXXIII Being the Thirty-ninth Anniversary of the Laying of the Corner-stone of the First St. Luke's Hospital.
New York: Printed for the Corporation, 1893.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Consecration of Abram Newkirk Littlejohn, First Bishop of Long Island, 1869-1894. Services, Addresses and Replies, and Sermon.
Brooklyn: Orphans' Press, Church Charity Foundation 1894.

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